A Report “Confirming” The Existence Of Giant Aliens Has Been Declassified By The FBI

The FBI released an almost 70-page paper from 1947 that was written by an anonymous professor and contained information about several UFOs and “multi-dimensional” entities. The Daily Star’s British version released the report.

Information that the FBI has declassified

Memorandum 6751 is a US document from the FBI archives that was declassified and made public on 8 July 1947. The memorandum admits that extraterrestrial life is present.

The Extra-Dimensionals: True Tales and Concepts of Alien Visitors, written by former FBI agent John DeSouza, cites the memorandum as a key piece of ufology literature.

According to the text, a very dangerous crisis involving flying saucers might arise at any time. This implies that this could lead to panic and public mistrust of aliens.

The unnamed source also describes the operation of flying saucers. He says that while some of the disks are remotely operated, others are piloted.

The material’s author also asserts that although these UFOs have a benevolent objective, they are capable of several types of self-defense against human weaponry.

According to the narrative, travelers are human-like but much larger beings that ride “planes” that resemble discs and are powered by some type of radiant energy or lightning that can instantly annihilate any invader.

An anonymous professor claims that the aliens may enter the etheric body at will and vanish from human sight due to their unmatched agility.

Contradictions in the Information

There are some discrepancies even though a lot of the material in this text is quite thorough.

First, despite the fact that the author claims to have many credentials and to have led a university department, there is no indication of his identity. The document was created by the FBI, and not the original, which is another detail that must be taken into account.

This file makes reference to “living things far larger than humans,” in contrast to early Roswell reports. Additionally, they purportedly have the ability to reside in an other realm or dimension.

The article’s author, however, never explained how he gathered all the data. Everything in memorandum 6751 is unclear after this point.

Unfortunately, the remaining 66 pages are not available. News portal Film Daily, in turn, told about another fascinating discovery, which is related, although not documented.

Allegedly, 10 years ago, the FBI declassified the 70-page document and placed it in The Vault. The publication assured that the data was declassified in 2010.

To date, NASA and other space agencies have been skeptical of studies of any anomalies or artificially formed structures that have been photographed in spaceflight. With which the famous astronomer Avi Loeb, who turned to UFO researchers some time ago, does not agree.

“Science should not dismiss possible extraterrestrial explanations because of social stigma or cultural preferences that do not lead to a scientific method of empirical and unbiased research.

Now we must dare to look through new telescopes, both literally and figuratively,” said the Israeli-American theoretical physicist.

Thus, the scientist is doing everything possible to find evidence of alien life. An example of his work is the Galileo project with the modernization of existing telescopes.

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