The future of UFO Research is to prove the Alien Presence!

Are we moving past the era of analyzing and investigating unidentified aerial objects? Or to put it differently, are UFO investigations the best way to discuss the idea of “aliens among us?”

We have been studying UFOs for a long time and there is much we have learned. But we are also moving at full speed into a new world, one that may make doing standard UFO investigation less important, while moving into other areas to prove an alien presence might give more payback.

An interesting analysis by Richard Dolan in which one commenter noted the following: Richard hit the nail on the head at the 41:00 minute mark. How can the govt. admit to crash retrieval now? That would be an admission that they’ve been lying to us for decades.

How stupid would Seti (and all the teams and telescopes purportedly “searching” for alien life) look if it turns out they’ve been looking for “evidence” that our govt. has been sitting on all along? Being used as clueless pawns to hide the truth.

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