Aliens Are US: UFO Are Piloted By Time Travelling Human ‘Distant Descendants’

ALIEN UFOs could be piloted by time travelling humans, an academic has controversially claimed.

UFO sightings and alien close encounters are been taking place for centuries, with scribes of the pharaoh Thutmose III reporting “fiery disks” were encountered floating over the skies in 1440 BC. There have since been countless more purported experiences since this first known UFO incident, with many in recent years bearing uncanny resemblance to each other.

An academic has known published a groundbreaking new theory “challenging the paradigm” that UFO sightings are delusional – aliens are distant human descendants, returning to Earth from the future to study the species in their ancient evolutionary past.

Michael Masters, a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Technological University in Butte, believes his theory explains for their consistent description of aliens.

He told “This is just a look back at our deep evolutionary past, both in the context of our biological and cultural evolution, and if the same dominant trends that characterise the last six million years of hominid evolution are to continue into the future, we’re very likely to have a form similar to what’s reported in so many instances of alien encounters.

“These are namely an expanded neurocranium, increase in brain size and more importantly, a change in the shape of the upper skull where it becomes more globular and more rounded, retraction and reduction of our lower face which has dominated the last six million years of human evolution.

“So just looking at the most ubiquitous descriptions of these individuals, if we can take that seriously and we can believe these reports, the fact they consistently describe a bipedal, big headed, small face hairless, very human-like being I think is worth taking into consideration.”

Alien theory: Humans share characteristics with the most ubiquitous descriptions of aliens (Image: Getty)

Professor Masters, who has written the book Identified Flying Objects on the subject believes this to be a viable theory for two reasons.

He said: “This is a testable model first and foremost and that gives it a little more credence, at least as a scientific means of investigating this – in the sense that if we continue to exist, we will eventually reach a point where we know whether or not that is us getting in these craft and travelling back in time to study our own evolutionary past or even if we annihilate ourselves and destroy the human race, we’ve still essentially tested and falsified this hypothesis.

“But even beyond that, taking out of consideration any of these reports because again, those can’t really be considered evidence in a scientific sense – they would be considered in question court of law witness testimony, but in science, it doesn’t quite fit the bill, as far as evidence is concerned.

“Just looking at the history of our species and the hominid lineage, not just in the context of biological changes I’ve just described but technologically too.

Alien theory: FO sightings and alien close encounters are been taking place for centuries (Image: Getty)
Alien theory: This UFO sighting occurred in Salem in the 1950s (Image: Getty)

“We know we’re here now – we know we exist, and we’re likely to exist into the future, we’re likely to have this physical form that I described, and we’re likely to have more advanced, more sophisticated technology, which because nothing in the laws of physics prohibit is likely to involve the ability to go backward in time as well.

“So putting all of those pieces together, we would expect to see something very similar to what is so commonly described with regards to this phenomenon.”

The academic, with background in human evolutionary anatomy and biomedical research, is not put off by scepticism among many experts about the feasibility of time travel.

He said: “If we look at the the way in which we would travel backward in time, we can actually draw from over 100 years of sound scientific research in the field of physics.

“Back in 1915, when Einstein published his theory of general relativity and with the 10 field equations that went along with it, he laid out a way in which backward time travel may be possible.

“You have van Stockum, Professor Frank Tipler, the Gödel universe, all of these models and all of these formula that have been developed out of Einstein’s original field equations demonstrate that if you have a large enough mass or highly energetic body with rotational force, it can create rendering and it can create the reorientation of late cones toward the past and therefore closed time-like curve.

“So more than just a belief and whether or not it takes place, there’s broad consensus of physicists that there’s nothing in the laws of physics that prohibits it, and if that’s the case, given our long history of technological innovation, it’s very likely that we’ll figure out a way to engineer something and the way to build materials that can withstand those energies and those forces

“Because it does so ubiquitously draw from energetic massive entities with rotation, which would seem to be something similar to a UFO, I make the case that those are probably the time machines themselves, that they have a form that may allow for the function of backward time travel.“

Alien theory: Professor Masters, has written the book Identified Flying Objects on the subject (Image: Getty)

However Professor Masters does concede it is strange technologically superior aliens would want to visit Earth.

He said: “Why might they be visiting their past? What could we learn from that?

“What incentives do they have to not only do that, but to remain covert in their operations and trying to not interject themselves too much in the past – that makes sense in the context of time travel, but not really in the context of the extra terrestrial hypothesis.

“Why they would schlep all the way across the universe just show up here and probe a couple of people and then head back home, however long that would take wherever they’re going in the universe.”

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