NASA Found Mystery Caves On Moon For Shelter But They Could Be Alien Bases, UFOlogists Suggest

NASA has recently announced about finding caves in the lunar pits that have comfortable temperatures for humans. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft discovered the pits that remain cool even during the day on Moon, maintaining the 63 F (about 17°C). How is it possible that space rock with a large range of temperature fluctuations has an ideal place for human beings to survive? Are these pits natural or created artificially?

On July 26, 2022, NASA published an article explaining that “the pits, and caves to which they may lead, would make thermally stable sites for lunar exploration compared to areas at the Moon’s surface, which heat up to 260 F (about 127 C) during the day and cool to minus 280 F (about minus 173 C) at night.” (Source)

According to NASA, these pits were first discovered in 2009, which later helped scientists to explore caves that would be used as shelters. The pits, or caves, would also offer some protection from cosmic rays, solar radiation, and micrometeorites.

This particular discovery is reminiscent of a classic science fiction novel by H.G. Wells entitled “The First Men in the Moon,” depicting lunar caves as suitable for hosting “intelligent life forms.” NASA further stated: “About 16 of more than 200 pits are probably collapsed lava tubes. Lunar pits are a fascinating feature on the lunar surface. Knowing that they create a stable thermal environment helps us paint a picture of these unique lunar features and the prospect of one day exploring them.”

The agency speculated that there might be a large cave because they found two of the most prominent pits have visible overhangs that clearly lead to caves or voids.

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera has now imaged the Marius Hills pit three times, each time with very different lighting. The center panel, with the Sun high above, gives scientists a great view of the Marius Hills pit floor. The Marius pit is about 34 meters (about 111 feet) deep and 65 by 90 meters (approximately 213 by 295 feet) wide. Credits: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University

“Humans evolved living in caves, and to caves, we might return when we live on the Moon,” said David Paige, a co-author of the paper who leads the Diviner Lunar Radiometer Experiment aboard LRO that made the temperature measurements used in the study.

Scientists suggested that these lava tubes could be a safe place for astronauts to protect from cosmic rays and other harmful phenomena on Moon. Additionally, due to lower Moon gravity, these caves would not collapse because of their own weight. China and Russia have been planning for a decade to install a base on Moon.

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Another mysterious trace found by LRO was these so-called “Footprints of the Gods” that appeared if an unknown walk had taken place on the moon. 40 years later, when NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter sent back high-resolution images of the Moon in 2009, there appeared some footprints 30 miles away from Apollo 17 landing spot.

NASA lunar scientist Peter Schultz claimed: “They look like strange footprints marching across the surface, you wonder what caused them.” And author William Birnes went one step further. He added: “It’s not just that they are shaped like footprints, but it’s the path, it’s one foot, then the other – it’s almost like somebody has been walking on the Moon. They look like the kind of trails you would see in the desert, but the problem with these is they are not human size.”

Though scientists could not solve the mystery of these so-called “footprints of the Gods,” they provided an alternative explanation for it. They believe that these linear chains of holes are the surface expression of a buried tube of lava that had been carrying magma billions of years ago.

According to UFOlogists, most likely, the reasons for the formation of caves are the development of lunar rocks. This means that contact with representatives of an unknown civilization, or at least the discovery of any artifacts, is quite possible.

Are these caves Alien bases?

Perhaps the theory of lunar craters being the bases of extraterrestrials began with the first man landed on Moon. “Hey, Houston, I’m looking north up toward Aristarchus now, and there’s an area that is considerably more illuminated than the surrounding area. It seems to have a slight amount of fluorescence,” Armstrong said. (Source)

Aristarchus is the brightest crater on the face of the Moon but It is not clear what Armstrong actually saw. Some believe that the glow that Armstrong saw was evidence of high technology – perhaps a fusion reactor.

Gordon Duff, a U.S. military veteran claimed that the U.S. Congress discussed the possibility of bases on the moon after the Apollo missions. Official NASA records of the period observe strange “glitter”, “mistiness” and “darkness” in the craters Man was soon to explore. (Source)

Gordon Duff, a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. Image via Linkedin

On the other hand, during the Barcelona Exopolitics Summit, on July 25, 2009, former US military retired Major Robert Dean released a set of amazing images. He explained the Apollo missions, and what astronauts encountered unlike anyone before. He released to the public a set of fascinating images supposedly captured by astronauts of the Apollo 12 mission, including an image showing some mysterious spacecraft several hundred feet in diameter. (Click here to read the full article)

The two images shown below were taken by Apollo Astronauts when they were over flying the so-called Lansberg crater. According to Mr. Dean, “The astronauts in orbit above the Moon were particularly fascinated by the Lansberg crater. They had been given a special designation to take pictures of Lansberg, because the crater, which they named as the Lansberg, had things going on that were very anomalous. There was construction going on. There were gigantic facilities in the crater up there. So they were specifically delegated and assigned to photograph Lansberg to see if they could figure out what the hell was going on down there. While they were looking at Lansberg, this object happened to express interest in them and flew by. Now this line is an artificial line that was drawn to show you the… it gave the direction that this object was going. This is a good-size object flying past the Apollo Lander.”

Below is the interview of Dr. Ken Johnston, a retired aerospace engineer, former active duty US Marine, and now known as “NASA Whistleblower. He shared a lot about the Apollo Mission and aliens with the New Indian Express.

– Do you believe that aliens exist?

– Yes. Don’t you? Your ancient history suggests that extraterrestrials came to our planet. Back in 1958, we unearthed proof that Eisenhower did meet with extraterrestrials. There is so much evidence not only to prove that there are aliens, but also that they have an impact on this planet.

– How did you develop an interest in aliens and space?

– Back in those days, I would watch series like Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Flash Gordon. I wanted to go to space. My father was a pilot and I wanted to be one too.

– And then you went on to train Neil Armstrong.

– Not just Neil Armstrong. We were a team of four and our job was to test the lunar mission module in the vacuum chambers to ensure that the systems were safe to be taken to space. In the process, we trained Neil, Buzz and Michael to land it on the moon.

– What is your take on the ‘moon landing – faked’ controversy?

– (Laughs) We still have people who think that Earth is flat. Once a reporter told Buzz Aldrin that he didn’t go to the moon and he punched him. Even the latest satellite pictures show the same lunar footprints.

– How did you manage to get first-hand information about extraterrestrials?

– Once we were done with the first three missions, I was put in charge of photographing and documenting their exact location. One day, my boss ordered me to destroy these images. I reminded him that the government had paid for them and that they should be made public to which he replied, “No. Get rid of it. I don’t care what you think.”

– But why?

– Because there were elements in the pictures that were unexplainable. You can now download them for free from my website. You can see the lunar anomalies too. It looks like something has been smudged out. Way before Photoshop, they would paint things out.
Once, when I walked into the photo lab, I saw a woman painting something out. She called herself a ‘stripper’ and said that she was paid for it. This really upset me as I was in charge of keeping a record of things. I guess that’s why they call me a whistleblower.

– How transparent is NASA?

– People like me, who’ve gotten into trouble with NASA, have a different expansion for the acronym — Never A Straight Answer.

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