1954 Jessie Roestenberg UFO Case Is UK Most Famous Close Encounter With Nordic Aliens

In 1954, a British woman named Jessie Roestenberg claimed to have seen a disc-shaped flying saucer of aluminum color, hovering over her cottage near Staffordshire. She also saw two Nordic figures that were sitting in the craft.

Jessie Roestenberg, a wife of a young Dutchman named Tony Roestenberg lived with their two sons and a daughter in a small cottage at Vicarage Farm, Ranton, near Staffordshire, UK. It was a very remote area, and they had no electricity and indoor plumbing.

On October 21, 1954, at around 4:45 pm, she was inside her house with her 2-year-old daughter Karin. Her two sons, Anthony (8) and Ronald (6) were playing outside in the garden. Suddenly, she heard a loud sound like an aircraft crash. As she stepped out, her sons were terrified and shouting: “Mommy, Mommy, there’s a flying saucer.” She saw a round UFO that was hovering above them.

The woman stated that the front part of the object was transparent, and she could see two human-like figures inside it. She described them as Nordics with long hair and long faces. Jessie saw them wearing tight-fitting blue suits, and their heads were in transparent helmets.

The Wolverhampton Express and Star Oct. 22, 1954:

A woman today told the “Express and Star” that she and her two children had been terrified by a flying saucer, carrying “two long-haired human-like creatures in tight-fitting jerseys.”The machine landed in the garden, she stated.When she heard a noise like a crashing aircraft, yesterday, Mrs Jessie Roestenburg, of isolated Vicarage Farm, ran out into the garden. She found her two children lying prostrate and terrified. The next house to Vicarage Farm is about two miles away.Above the children was a huge, saucer-like object with a dome, the front part of which was transparent, stated Mrs. Roestenburg.Staring at the children from the machine were two “unsmiling, human-like creatures, with long faces and long hair.”

According to Express and Star, she told reporters that the UFO circled the house two times before it flew away at a high speed. She noted that the two creatures had pitiful faces. “The boys were so terrified that they would not go out again last night,” she said. “The dog was nowhere to be seen. I think it must have bolted.”

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Researcher Gavin Gibbons who investigated the Roestenberg case wrote in his book “The Coming of the Space Ships‘ by Gavin Gibbons” the following:

“When I visited the Roestenberg’s house almost three weeks after the sighting…Jessie Roestenberg appeared. She seemed highly strained and nervous and her husband, coming in later, was also very strained. It was evident that something most unusual had occurred.”

Originally, Gibbons was a linguist and scholar. He called the flying saucers extraterrestrial space ships. He used the Sanskrit term “Vimanas” for the disc-shaped scout craft and “Vunu” for cigar-shaped UFOs.

In Gibbons’ opinion, Jessie encountered the UFO with aliens just like George Adamski had described. But the series of UFO encounters did not stop there.

Based on his interviews with the family, Gibbons gave a more detailed account of the Roestenburg story and what was seen:

they looked very like Earthly men, with white skins and long hair down to their shoulders. Their foreheads seemed immensely high, with the features almost entirely in the bottom half of their faces. Their heads were enclosed in what appeared to be some sort of transparent helmet and they were dressed in clothes of turquoise blue that resembled ski suits that Mrs. Roestenburg had seen.

The saucer’s exit:

It was hovering over the house! Very low and completely silent, a queer round thing was standing in the air immediately over the little cottage… Their heads were in a whirl… As Jessie Roestenburg watched, appalled, the vimana began to move, flashing a purply blue light from the front of it as it did so. At an angle of 45° it started to ascend, making no sound as it moved, but continuing the flashing the whole time. With a gasp of relief Jessie ran into the house, intent on finding pencil and paper to sketch what she and the children had seen. As she looked for the stub of a pencil, the boys called out again from the garden. With fear returning once more to her heart she ran outside to see the Saucer coming back again, this time from north to south. It circled the house in an anti-clockwise direction one and a half times and then streaked skywards. It had gone at last


A photograph of the Roestenberg family

Interestingly, Tony Roestenberg saw something unusual on the following October 24, 1954, when he climbed the roof of his house. He saw a high-speed cigar-shaped UFO suddenly disappear into the clouds. Another incident happened on December 15, 1954. Tony saw a bright ball, flying very silently in the sky. First, he measured the length of the UFO with his arm which was around two to three inches. But when he went to the other side of his house, its length was about 18 inches. The fireball was moving very slow at a low altitude. After some time, he heard the sound of an airplane, coming from the east. As the plane approached closer, the fireball flew away at an incredibly high speed, disappearing in no time.

Gibbons visited the Roestenbergs at their new home in Stafford many times in 1955, and he was assured that there was no motive for a hoax. They looked happy in the new house, and when Gibbons asked why they had left the old house, Tony replied that since the first UFO incident had happened, the house became haunted for them.

In 1976, Hugh Burnett was preparing a UFO documentary for the BBC, and he approached Charles Bowen and Gordon Creighton of Flying Saucer Review. They gave him the contact information for Jessie Roestenburg. The documentary was titled Out of this World, and it was first broadcast on May 10, 1977, on BBC 1. It’s largely responsible for reviving interest in the case, and today, most people are probably familiar with Jessie Roestenburg’s story via the YouTube clip of her from the programIt’s often shared with comments noting how genuine, sincere, and credible she appears. 

She described the saucer as looking like a Mexican hat, and the occupants were beautiful people with long golden hair, wearing  coverings over their heads like a “transparent fishbowl.”
Jessie Roestenberg with a graphic sketch of two Nordic figures which she had seen inside the UFO hovered in her cottage in 1954

“They just looked, and I was absolutely paralytic with fear. I couldn’t move, although my mind was taking over. And they seemed so sympathetic that I was mesmerized, seemed to be – oh, ages, but it could have only been seconds. After checking on her boys, “I looked up and it was gone.” 

Asked about the size of the object, she says it was “massive,” that it was larger than the roof of the house. She said they saw the object again in the distance, that it circled them three times then it shot off.

Here is the short clip of Jessie Roestenberg (aged 90) shot by John Hanson in 2015.

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