La Entrevista Con Lacerta La Mujer Reptiliana “Revelando Grandes Secretos”

According to his transcript, this meeting with Lacerta the reptilian woman who lives inside the Earth. (This transcript was originally written and translated by Chris Pfeiler)

Many things have been kept hidden from humanity for quite some time, this reptilian informant preferred to be known as “Lacerta”. This marks two first contacts with a non-human entity.

The entire conversation lasted more than three hours and during that time, amazing details about our world were revealed.
Ole K. is in possession of a series of drawings sketched by him detailing a female reptilian alien and her equipment. The full transcript of this incredible interview is 49 pages long.

Ella Lacerta only wanted a limited amount of information to be revealed to humanity, because other knowledge could change things for better or worse. With her permission, Ole K. downloads a huge amount of information that is quite incomprehensible to us, mankind.

Some of the things he has revealed include that his species has a telepathic ability, along with telekinesis that allows him to move things with his mind. As the interview unfolded, he managed to move a pencil around the table, making it look like she was dancing every time she touched it. Ole K. mentions that everything written seems unreliable and compared to a science fiction movie.

Another secret interview was also conducted, which later took place between Ole K. and “Lacerta” inside the same house in Sweden on April 23, 2000.
More details and information were exchanged between the two of you. When questioned by Ole K., he obtained the following information. His reptile species is quite old, dating back many years. As natives, they don’t live like us from Earth for millions of years.

The religious writings of mankind, dating back to the Christian Bible, contain footnotes about this type of reptile.

They were worshiped as Egyptian gods and as Inca tribes, among others. This species of reptiles was mistakenly thought to be evil snakes, but this is completely incorrect.

Humanity was created and designed by a species of aliens, who were tourists from planet Earth during ancient times.
Lacerta then explained that evolution is a much slower process and that 2 or 3 million years is not enough time to evolve to a state like the one we humans currently have.

Lacerta then explained that her species is native to Terran and that they have established colonies within the solar system. They originate on Earth. It is a fact that our planet has always been ours and not yours. Lacerta explained that they were always from planet Earth. By comparison, she explained her age. At the time of the interview, she was 28 human years old.

He explained that the measurement of time depends on periodically returning cycles in the Earth’s magnetic field. According to this calculation, he had 57,653 cycles at the time of the interview. He reached his adult stage and height of consciousness 16,337 cycles ago. It is an important date for his species.

Ole K. asked Lacerta if he had any kind of profession.
He then explained that she is a curious student of social behavior and humanity. He went on to explain that one of the reasons she reveals details about our existence, our planet, and other topics is to see how we would react to the truth of things. Humans, she said, are following false hopes and notions about aliens and their origin.

She went on to mention how many humans are fools and liars about humanity and claim to know the truth about reptilians, UFOs, and other alien species from elsewhere. Many people are simply misled about the truth and simply believe the lies. Lacerta warned that we must be careful if we want to survive as a species for the future of humanity.

Ole K. then asked Lacerta about UFOs in general and what they are.
She explained that the mysterious objects seen are not based on technological devices, but simply have a different interpretation. The events seen are not above natural scientific phenomena. There are several spontaneous plasma flashes, apparently occurring in the upper atmosphere.

Lacerta also said that some UFOs are controlled by us and our military.
She says that her kind also have technology and that some of her ships are silent as well. In general, they are quite careful with their flying ships. They have special cloaking devices that are used to hide them from humans and others. She also says that other foreigners also attend or go to heaven from time to time.

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