The Main Purpose Of The Apollo-20 Was An Investigation Of The Mysterious Places In Delporte Craters?

During the Cold War, which lasted for decades, the Western and Eastern blocs were overtaking everything they could. Whether it was in propaganda, military power, military spending, or technology. As is often said, during the war, the development of technology is sharply upward, as evidenced, for example, by Nazi death squads V1 or the development of tanks during the First World War. During the cold, the race for the extraction of the universe began, thanks to which the technology went up again sharply. As we know, the first man in the universe was Yuri Gagarin of the USSR and the first visitor to the surface of the Moon, Neil Armstrong. New spaces in space bring with them new mysteries.

After the first landing on the moon surface, missions like Apollo 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and the last flight to the Moon – Apollo 17 (hereinafter referred to as A-XY) took place. However, according to the conspirators, flights like A-18 and 20 were also made, while A-18 was filmed and we have been reviewing it for a long time, but now we can not deal with it. But let’s look at the A-20 mission.

It all began when July 26, 1971, launched Earth A-15, which recorded a monster object reminding the alien ship for the month. After the next years, the A-20 was designed to explore three kilometers long and five-meter tall ships. A few decades later, specifically in 2007, strange videos that „flooded“ YouTube began to spread. On them were short films from the astronauts (from the alleged Soviet-American crew) who shot the landings, the interior of the ship (in which a figure of a woman called „Mona Lisa“ lying), a flight around the ship, and also the views of the alien small town. Videos at first glance look really mysterious and real. A huge extraterrestrial ship and still the remains of an extraterrestrial race somewhere in the month? The conspiracy sites have immediately grabbed this topic.

A 76-year-old man living in Rwanda, Africa, said that the mission was launched on August 16, 1975, and was aimed at ISZAK D at Delporte Craters. This man is called William Rutledge (he changed his identity, resided, moved to the African state) and claimed to have been a member of the secret crew. They were supposed to be a complete Captain Dr. William Rutledge, Dr. Leona Snyder and the Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, who was the first man in the open universe. The aforementioned William was supposed to add videos to YT under the name Retiredafb, but later, almost all of the videos in the account were deleted, and today we find only one wretched movie. Later, he started to release videos, but this time he called ValValientThor (also a mysterious concept that we will be discussing later).

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