Images from NASA reveal that medieval knight artifacts have been found on Mars

As you can see, the most recent image of the terrain on Mars taken by NASA’s Spirit Rover sparked a lot of internet conversation.

At first, online experts from across the globe tried to explain it, but, to put it gently, no one was able to do so entirely.

Everyone might agree that it appeared humanoid, but nobody actually knew anything more about it.

Enkispeak’s artistic creations were requested to rescue the day, and they more than delivered. They offered their own portrayal of this in order to illustrate their own line of thinking and how they came to this conclusion.

They claim that there are several monuments on Mars that bear the appearance of having human or animal characteristics.

This process is very similar to how the ancient Egyptians located and marked off the graves of kings and other members of the royal family. Therefore, it is very conceivable that we will find the grave of an old Martian Knight or King behind this peculiar lid.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because we’ve seen countless more monuments like it over the years, but it is weird to say the least that this is one of the greatest images of one that NASA has ever posted.

Is NASA only opposing these theories for the sake of opposing them, or is there more at play here than first appears? Do you think they will eventually side with us?

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