This Huge Alien Mothership And Two Smaller UFOs Were Seen Near The Moon

Online conspiracy theorists claim that an alien mothership and a swarm of little UFOs were photographed flying over the moon.

It is possible to observe four objects moving across the lunar horizon in amazing video taken by a casual skywatcher.

Three smaller UFos surround a larger “craft” in the center, which then vanishes behind the moon.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by amateur skywatcher Skywatch International. It has now been reposted on the well-known conspiracy website UFOmania.

“It looks to be a fleet of UFOs, a giant mothership escorted by several smaller UFOs,” they wrote in the video analysis.

Since then, the video has been seen over 6,000 times, and many people have flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts.

They’re landing at one of the bases on a side of the moon that can’t be seen from Earth, the person said.

One person speculated, “Most definitely alien spaceship.”

Some believed that the mysterious Space Force of the government was involved. However, several people said the film was a fraud.


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