Incredible: Another Ancient Statue was Recently Discovered on Mars

The Curiosity Rover has been on Mars for quite a lot of time now and ever since its early days it actually caught quite a lot of bits and pieces of evidence as it made its way on the Red Planet’s wasteland.

For the longest of time now NASA has tried to effectively ignore these discoveries altogether, making it seem as though they’re nothing more than just strange rocks and natural landscape formations but it’s becoming alarmingly clear that this defense will not hold on for much longer with discoveries such as these piling up as we speak.

This one in particular is especially difficult for them to explain as experts have already claimed this to be one of the best bits of evidence of intelligent life on Mars as far as we know.

This is “The Watcher” that you’re looking at, an actual statue of a Martian deity or ruler that looks over the civilizations that used to live here, below its gaze.

Some have even taken this as an omen of some sort, perhaps an indicator towards the fact that this area is protected by this deity or that the deity is looming over so you shouldn’t do anything hasty.

Regardless, many have tried to dispel this as just another strange case of pareidolia but it’s pretty clear that this is no longer the case considering just how many cases of strange humanoid statues we came across on Mars so far.

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