Base 211 And The Nazi Antarctic Mission To The Inner Earth

Although the official reason was to “secure Germany’s whaling industry” when the Nazis “claimed” New Swabia shortly after arriving in Antarctica on the Schwabenlard vessel in 1938, it was rumoured they were establishing a secret base – in the bowels of the Earth no less.

According to research and theories alike, the mission to establish Base 211 was to secure an entrance to the inner Earth, and make contact with an ancient race of aliens who still resided there.

It was even rumoured, according to one-time Nazi sympathizer, Ernst Zundel, that Hitler himself had escaped to Base 211 in the final days of the Second World War and the final assault upon Berlin. From there, he made his way into South America with the help of sympathisers and mercenaries alike, to live out his days undetected. Several top Nazi scientists were also said to have fled to the base with Hitler, and continued to develop technologically advanced weapons and crafts from there in the years following the war.

Artist’s drawing of “Base 211” in the Antarctic.

This last point is perhaps worth making note of. We recently ran an article regarding former President Eisenhower and his meeting with aliens. The comments of his great-granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower are particularly interesting, when she stated that there was a “….backdrop of a world that most people didn’t realise existed…..” and that, “the Second World War was still being fought behind closed doors….!”

Eisenhower himself is on record casting doubts as to the demise of the Nazi leader, when in 1952 he said to the world’s press, “We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler’s death! Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin!”

The Vril Society And Ahnenerbe

Before going into the conspiracy theories that the Nazi’s were looking to establish an advanced military base inside the Earth, it is important to understand the ideology and beliefs of Hitler and those close to him at the top of the Nazi party.

They were influenced heavily, behind the scenes, by a mysterious cult called The Vril Society, of which many top Nazi officers – including Hitler – were members. The Vril Society themselves were influenced by The Coming Race, a science fiction book by Bulwer Lytton, published in 1871. It tells the story of The Aryans – an advanced alien race who had the power to use the energy of the Universe itself. This piece of fiction laid the foundation for their society’s philosophy, and in turn, the Nazi party’s.

Members of the Vril Society claimed the story to be truth, and furthermore, that they were actually descendants of the Aryan race. Because of this, they too could harness and utilise the energy of the Universe. In order to fully realise their power however, they needed to hunt down and recover ancient relics, and re-learn and utilise long forgotten, ancient technology.

They had a particular interest in ancient Sanskrit texts, believing they told of the Aryan race and their conquering of what is now modern day India in ancient times. High ranking Nazi, Heinrich Himmler, was said to be very adept at reading and translating such ancient writings.

It appears that Himmler was arguably the strongest driving force of such beliefs within the Nazi party, even claiming that the Aryans were the original inhabitants of Atlantis. When Atlantis fell, he claimed that its survivors escaped to the north, settling in what is now mainland Europe, and that “true” Germans were descendants of the Atlanteans and in turn, the Aryan race. Himmler’s greatest desire seems to have been to replace Christianity with an Aryan religion.

One of the tools he would use to attempt to achieve this was a program called, Ahnenerbe – officially an institute to study German heritage and its links to the past. However, in reality it was used to send German forces around the globe in pursuit of ancient relics such as the Arc of the Covenant or The Holy Grail.

The documentary below looks at the Vril Society and the influence they had on the Nazi party in the run up to, and during the Second World War.

Ancient Nuclear Weapons Theories

Although the Aryan race is purely a fictional race that Himmler and other Nazis of the time twisted and made fit into their own ideology, itself based on half-truths and propaganda, some of their other interpretations of ancient writings have been shared by other scholars and researchers, albeit in part only, and with a less psychopathic desire to use this knowledge.

One example is Himmler’s claim that a reference to a “thunderclap” in an Indian Sanskrit text, was really evidence of a nuclear weapon being used by the Aryans in their apparent conquering of the land. In his book “Atomic Destruction 2000 BC”, researcher David Davenport made similar theories of nuclear weapons being unleashed in the distant past. What’s more the location of his claim was in the vicinity (relatively speaking) to that of Himmler’s, although Davenport offered much more proof of his theory.

He had spent more than decade researching and studying up close the ancient site of Mohenjo-Daro, in modern day Pakistan. It was a site that bore all the hallmarks of an advanced and civilised society. The streets were laid out in much the same way modern streets are today, with brick built housing, complete with baths and toilets in each home.

The city itself showed advanced and intelligent planning, with public drinking water seemingly available, as well as other amenities such as modern day drainage and sewer systems. Their also appeared to be some kind of “industrial estate” that suggested the production of goods or weapons, and around these sites were more basic, almost makeshift housing, perhaps suggesting “workers” who were passing through, and certainly societies poorer, appeared to reside.

The short video below gives a quick overview of the site and some of the theories as to what might have happened here in antiquity.

Proof of Blast

Ancient texts from the region do state that an advanced civilisation once called the entire Indus Valley home, and was so large and powerful, that it rivalled societies such as that of Mesopotamia, or even Ancient Egypt. However they appeared to have simply disappeared from the face of the planet.

Davenport also witnessed the grim but captivating sight of over forty skeletons that lay strewn around the streets of the ancient site, frozen forever in their death throes – an indication that they had died instantly and suddenly, and with no warning. They had literally died where they stood.

Radiation readings at the site were so high that Davenport compared them to the Nagasaki and Hiroshima sites in Japan following the atomic blasts at the hands of the United States. He also claimed there was evidence of “solids being fused” and of “crystallisation” – things that would only have happened under intense heat – heat that only a nuclear blast could provide.

As well as scientific tests, Davenport also sited texts in the ancient Mahabharata [1] that claimed the city had been destroyed with a devastating and advanced weapon – the “Agneya”. A portion of the text reads:

White hot smoke that was a thousand times brighter than the sun rose in infinite brilliance and reduced the city to ashes. Water boiled…horses and war chariots were burned by the thousands… the corpses of the fallen were mutilated by the terrible heat so that they no longer looked like human beings…

When taken at face value, the writings certainly do appear to speaking of some kind of explosion. The documentary below looks in a little more detail at the site and whether a nuclear explosion in the distant past might have occurred.

The Hollow Earth Theory

The Nazis belief of there being an “Inner Earth” – essentially a whole other world separate from life on the surface of the planet – was also not a new idea that was unique to them. Scholars and researchers had pondered the possibility for hundreds of years before the Third Reich set out on their mission to the South Pole in 1938.

For example in ancient times, Buddhists believed that the inner Earth was home to a race of “super people” who would navigate their world via tunnels, sometimes coming to the surface of the Earth. Many Native American tribes speak of creatures and wise beings, who made their homes under the ground. As western culture began to claw its way out of the dark grip of the Catholic Church throughout the 1600s, many free thinkers embraced science and new ideas, and in turn began to ponder the possibility if such a world might exist inside the Earth.

As the twentieth century went on, such notions that the Earth might be hollow, and be home to an entirely different race of people was largely scoffed at by most. However an incident that occurred in the immediate years following the end of the Second World War, suggested that maybe there is still room for investigation to such seemingly wild theories.

The documentary below looks at the Hollow Earth theory in a little more detail, and also touches on how it relates to the Nazis.

Operation High-Jump

Launched in early 1947, “Operation High-Jump” was a mission led by the United States involving multiple nations, to establish a base of sorts at the North Pole.

As respected air force pilot Admiral Richard Byrd flew over what should have been sheets of thick ice on 19th February, he claimed to have been able to see lush, green vegetation beneath his plane, as well as animals and cattle that “shouldn’t have been there!”

He also claimed that he flew over, and into, a huge opening that took him deep inside the Earth itself. As he flew on into the opening, he stated something seized control of his plane, while all around him there were several “flying crafts” that appeared to have a Nazi swastika marked on them. His plane was “brought” to a rest deep inside the Earth, where he further noticed lakes, vegetation and perhaps strangest of all – a sun.

In a strange tale that seemingly couldn’t get any stranger, did when Byrd said he was met by the beings that called inside the Earth home. They spoke to him about their concern for the path humanity was taking, in particular their interest in nuclear weapons.

Rather than keep quiet about the incident, Byrd appeared to tell of his tales and the warnings he had been given to the world’s press. On 5th March, less than a month after his encounter, a Chilean newspaper, El Mercurio, ran a story on the mission. Byrd was quoted as saying that “in case of a new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds!”

Coincidentally or not, Byrd was hospitalized not long after his many press conferences, and while he was hospitalised, it is claimed he was forbidden by the United States military from holding press conferences with the media. He died in his sleep ten years later, an underlying “heart ailment” being the cause of his death.

Check out the short video below that features Admiral Richard Byrd speaking about his experiences shortly after they happened.

Did Hitler Really Escape To South America?

Perhaps Eisenhower, as we mentioned earlier, had good reason to question whether the leader of the Third Reich was actually dead or not.

Declassified FBI documents clearly show that they were at least receiving genuine intelligence of the possibility that Hitler had managed to escape the ruins of Berlin, [2] and had been ushered into Argentina with the help of the Argentinian government. He was then offered passage through Paraguay, before settling in Brazil. Should there already have been an established base (relatively speaking) nearby, it would make sense that any escape effort will have gone to the sanctuary of Base 211 initially, before working himself into a life of normalcy in an “out-of-the-way” town in a vast country such as Brazil.

Based on those declassified documents, as well as numerous “witness” statements from residents of Argentina and Brazil, who claimed to have interacted, even worked for the leader of the Third Reich following his in South America, filmmaker, Noam Shalev, produced a film entitled “Revealed: Hitler In Argentina” – you can see an extended trailer for the film below and below that an interview with Shalev from early 2016.

Understandably, should Shalev and his team have managed to uncover evidence of Hitler’s escape, then it would be worldwide news. However as of August 2016, siting an unwanted following from “neo-Nazis” and “Hitler fans”, they had decided to shelve the film indefinitely.

Numerous photographs have appeared online claiming to show the leader of the Third Reich at various ages during his apparent life after the war however. One of the more recent ones appeared in various newspapers and internet media platforms [3] alike in March 2016, and appeared to show Hitler posing with his girlfriend, Cutinga – who incidentally is a black lady – in 1984 in a small Brazilian town in the Mato Grosso state.

Author and self-proclaimed “Nazi Hunter”, Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias, wrote in her book “Hitler in Brazil – His Life and Death” that Hitler had lived until ninety-five years of age under the name Adolf Leipzig. She further claimed that his relationship with Cutinga, was an intentional decision in order to hide his true identity as a white supremacist. Incidentally, the whereabouts of Leipzig’s remains are known, both to Simoni and the Brazilian authorities, although to date permission for DNA testing has not been granted.

The documentary below looks at the theories that Hitler did in fact escape the ruins of Germany, and found his way to safety in South America – theories that look set to continue for some time yet.

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