Reptile-like Alien Being spotted in Curiosity Mars Rover image

NASA Curiosity Mars image SOL 184 shows a small reptile-like alien being in the Yellowknife Bay area, Gale crater on Mars.

Since gigapan images are often clearer then the original NASA images, MPJ created a gigapan image of SOL 184 – MSL Curiosity – Yellowknife Bay area in Gale crater, on which the alien being was subsequently discovered.

There is already evidence that Mars is inhabited by animal species that are like those that exist on Earth in this age, that once existed on Earth in prehistoric times, or that are hybrids that possess the characteristics of two or more Earth species at once.

The discovery of this reptile-like alien being proves once again that there is much diversity of life forms and eventual intelligent life forms represented on the surface of the planet Mars?

Before you check the gigapan image and zoom in on the reptile, watch the short video of Mysteries showing the exact location of the being.

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