Former Area-51 Pilot Claimed He Flew Re-Engineered UFO To 500 Feet But It Crashed & Broke His Legs

His story is worth reading as who knows what secrets may open up later in the future and become the reality in our life. Area-51 is one of the world’s most secretive places controlled by the US Air Force, which is claimed to be the storehouse of alien spacecraft, where their technology is being developed. It has been actively working since 1955 (as officially stated), which was the study point of UFOs in the 50s. Since then, the place has become a pilgrimage for alien hunters and UFO researchers.

In December 2017, Robert Miller did an interview with ApexTV where he revealed secrets of the inner workings of Groom Lake. According to Miller, aliens and extraterrestrial crafts are being kept inside Area-51, and he alleged to have been part of a top-secret project in which he was chosen to pilot a reverse-engineered UFO.

The video shows a bald man in cargo shorts claiming he flew an alien spaceship telepathically, but the sound quality is terrible. Miller cliamed to have hidden the fact that he worked in Area-51 from his closest relatives, but his mother had the slightest that idea about his job. His purpose for recording the video is to remove this secret from his conscience, and he knew the circumstances of the reveal that the government would come after him.

Robert Miller claimed he worked at Area 51 as a testing pilot for a re-engineered alien spacecraft. Image credit: YouTube screencap

Miller grew up in a small town in Southern Nevada, and his father was an aerospace engineer who taught him to fly aircraft which helped him become a licensed pilot at the age of 15. He later joined Marine Corps as a pilot, where he was considered one of the top pilots. By the time he became 18, he was planning to retire from the Marine Corps and find a normal job back home and thinking to start a family.

Everything changed when he received an offer letter about his new job as a test pilot in a secret program. “I thought, great. It also said, a plane would be picking me up at the Las Vegas airport Friday the second at three AM to take me there. So we flew out there in the middle of the night and two men in black suits escorted me into an underground building. It was built on the side of a hill and yes, the men in black are real. Believe me, they’re real,” Miller said.

He continued explaining the place which had long hallways and many doors on each side. Miller added: “We went down several flights of stairs, must have been far underground at that point. They showed me into a small room with a single bed and a desk.” He was then locked inside the room by those men.

Miller looked in one of his drawers and found a booklet, titled something like “Working at Grim Lake” that mentioned that there were 1,200 other employees. He claimed only insiders decide whom to recruit to work in Area-51. “I assumed that my father invited me and this is where he had been working when I was a kid. He had long, long since retired by the time I got there, and I wasn’t sure what was in store for me now.”

Miller was appointed as a test pilot for the so-called alien technology that was allegedly recovered from the crafts that crashed in 1947. Like any other whistleblower, he also said that they had already reversed engineering the alien spacecraft technology. He was going to be the first person to pilot the craft.

“Also, they threatened me again, if I told anybody, even my family, there would be dire consequences for all. I asked them what were the origins of the craft they found and they really thought it just was from another country. They told me not of this world and the beings that engineered it were extra-dimensional. They said the beings were still alive and were being kept in an undisclosed location in a facility,” Miller revealed.

Miller described a large disc-shaped craft about “50 feet from end to end, edge to edge” standing in the middle of the warehouse. It had a transparent dome at the top. He assumed that it was his testing vehicle. The engineers who worked on the craft technology told him that it was powered by an anti-matter reactor. The reactor produced bursts of dense energy that could generate wormholes and make the craft travel near the speed of light.

“They then said that my test flight was going to be delayed until the next day because they had to explain to me everything I needed to know in order to be able to pilot this thing. Now I’m just going off of what I can remember. There was a lot of specifics, gauges, and things but as I’ve gotten older, so I’m telling you as much as I can possibly remember. I do remember they brought me inside the craft.”

According to Miller, the alien spacecraft had a room for only one person. The cockpit had a seat, no joystick, no steering wheel, and no other controls, only a helmet. He told that the craft operates only telepathically.

American scientist Boyd Bushman with a display of alleged UFO pictures from Area 51. Image Credit: YouTube screencap

“The helmet measured my brainwaves and was to control the craft by simply thinking about it. After a hard night of trying to sleep, thinking about this, morning came. And it was finally time to take the craft for the first test flight. They brought out a tarp and ordered everyone working on the base to go inside. They wanted to keep everybody not knowing about this secret technology to a bare minimum.”

He put on the helmet and followed the guidance as the craft was only going to operate by analyzing his brain waves. He had to imagine the craft floating off the ground but instead, he imagined being a part of the craft. After that, he began thinking of himself floating off the ground. “I felt vibrations from the anti-matter reactor below me as it started to fire up.”

He was instructed to take the craft up to 1000 feet. He succeeded in taking it to 500 feet but shockingly, the engine stopped and Miller started losing altitude. He found no safety feature, and no seat ejection system was there in the craft. He kept imaging the craft floating but eventually, it hit the ground and Miller received serious injuries.

Miller said he fell unconscious and then woke up in the medical ward, where he was told by another man in a black suit that the craft mysteriously disappeared just before crashing and everyone at the base simply “called it a day” and went inside. Then in the middle of the night, they heard a loud crashing noise outside. Running out to see what happened, they saw the craft had crashed in the spot it was about to crash a while earlier during the day.

“I was inside the pilot’s seat unconscious, both my legs were shattered. The scientists had hypothesized that the craft had actually time traveled to a point in time, several hours later. They had me sign a non-disclosure, the third one, stating, since the first meeting, I would not tell anybody as long as I lived and making this video. Well, as you can see, I have gone against this NDA contract because I feel that the public needs to know about this.”

A similar claim of testing a re-engineered ET craft has another witness named Bill Uhouse who testified that it required a good amount of time for a person to train in order to operate the disc. Besides, its design was so exacting that nothing could be externally installed on it such as machine guns and bombs like in traditional aircraft.

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