NASA Keeps Watch Over Extraterrestrial Activity On Phobos, A Moon Of Mars – UFO Cover-Up

Recently, NASA was successful in keeping an eye on strange, alien-like activities on Phobos and filtering certain information from various space missions.

Numerous UFO researchers think that NASA is hiding more than it is disclosing and that something weird is occurring in one of Mars’ natural satellites.

Phobos, in the opinion of many ufologists and specialists, would be a perfect place for an alien colony.

Iosef Samuilovich, a Russian scientist, provided the calculations and figures that support all of these assertions.

The motions of “Phobos” were too unpredictable, in the expert’s opinion, and they did not match with any other celestial body of this magnitude.

Please watch the video below and leave a comment with your thoughts. Are there only us in the entire universe?

Is Phobos home to an alien civilization?


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