Alien bodies found at Roswell UFO crash site

The Roswell UFO crash which happened in 1947 is widely considered one of the most intriguing events connected to alien existence in human history. Even though officials dismissed the alien rumors calling it a weather balloon crash, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that the actual object that crashed in Roswell was a UFO. They even argue that the United States Army recovered alien bodies from the crash site.

Adding up the heat to these bizarre theories, Jesse Marcel III, grandson of Major Jesse Marcel, the first person who examined the debris, has claimed that alien bodies were found at the crash site, according to a report published in The Sun.

A possible government coverup?

Jesse Sr was an intelligent officer of the 509th Bomb Group, which was sent for investigation soon after the crash. The task force was assigned to collect debris from the crash site, and bring them to the army base.

However, during his journey to the base, Jesse Sr stopped at his house to show his son, Jesse Marcel II, the bizarre materials. He also told his son that these materials were debris of a flying saucer.

And now, his grandson revealed that Jesse Sr was ordered by his higher authorities to cover up the event.

“He told us a lot about what he saw and what he found out there. He was very careful about what he said to us because he was worried that if he said the wrong thing, that maybe somebody would come and hassle us about it,” said Marcel III.

Alien bodies at UFO crash site

Marcel III also added that alien bodies were found at the crash site.

He continued, “And my grandfather said, ‘You can believe what they said.’ So he didn’t directly see any alien bodies but told us we could believe what those other responders said. It was a way of staying one person out from saying it himself.”

Recently, the Pentagon confirmed that unidentified aerial phenomena could be real after several videos of the infamous tic-tac UFO went viral on online spaces. The admission of the Pentagon is widely considered by conspiracy theorists as the first step before an inevitable extraterrestrial disclosure.

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