New Satellite Can See Inside Homes and Buildings, Day or Night

RIO — A few months ago, an American company launched a satellite capable of recording images anywhere in the world, including inside houses and buildings. And, unlike most satellites, it is also capable of capturing it even at night or if it is raining, according to an article published on the website Futurism.

On Wednesday, the company Capella Space launched a platform that will allow governments and private customers to request images from anywhere in the world. This capacity will still increase, because six new satellites will be placed next year.

As a result, while the technology used to capture images in the dark is not new, Capella Space became the first American company to offer this technology in the US and the first in the world to make the service available to customers, according to Futurism.

The controversy, however, is on the part of privacy – the lack of it. There are many questions surrounding a technology that is capable of capturing an image from within the four walls of any property.

The company’s executive director, Payam Banazadeh, in an interview with the website, said that, on the other hand, there are many gaps for those who observe Earth from space, and that governments and scientists can benefit from more information coming from this technology.

A potential client could be, for example, a government agency that wants to monitor some hostile military action. Therefore, it would be important for the technology to be able to capture the images inside the walls.

Even so, it is still not clear what would be done to prevent the common population from being watched or having their privacy violated.

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