Skin like shark, lips like human; alien spotted at Australia’s Bondi Beach: Internet abuzz with theories

For all those who have at some point Googled, “Do mermaids exist?” have another reason to believe that the oceans are tucked with mysterious baffling sea creatures. It’s instances like these that lend credibility to folklore.

On Wednesday, a regular morning jog for Australian Drew Lambert turned into a memorable one when he spotted a ‘mysterious sea creature.’ Lambert came across the creature during his beach run at Australia’s Bondi Beach. On taking a closer look, he couldn’t identify the species but it was odd enough to merit a post. Part curious and part mesmerised by the animal whose mouth resembled that of a human, Lambert posted a video of his discovery on Facebook, in the hope of identifying it.

“Can someone please tell me what this weird alien-like creature is that was washed up on the beach at Bondi today,” he wrote.

Many have floated their theories around the creature but none, including experts, have been able to identify or explain Lambert’s find so far. The creature, reportedly about half metre long, seems to have human-like lips and mouth and skin like that of a shark.

“I’ve lived in Bondi for 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like this before,” he further wrote.

In a later interview with Storyful, Lambert said that he believed the animal was a “decomposing coffin ray” with ballooned intestines. This view of his is based on the comments and posts that his video has received. Many have come around to believe that the animal is a coffin ray, also called Australian numbfish, which is a species found close to shore along Australia’s east and west coasts.

Similar incident, sometime back

It was only last month, that another man had spotted a ‘weird’ creature on an Australian beach. Alex Tan, in a video post, described the creature as, ‘extra-terrestrial’. “Looks like a deadheaded possum, but different to anything I’ve seen,” he said. The strange animal which was already dead, had a reptilian skull, limbs, four legs, a long tail and claws.

Tan had also discovered the sea creature on the shore of Maroochydore beach during his morning walk. Surprising, but not for those well acquainted with marine life and how it’s full of bizarre creatures that do not look real.

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