Mysterious Crashed UFO And a Strange Alien Being Was Buried In This Cemetery

Other residents claim that a UFO flew past their home and then struck a windmill in the nearby field, before collapsing. UFO Aurora was the name given to this encounter

This incident reminds of me a lot the Roswell incident. The wreckage contained extraterrestrial bodies that were discovered by the residents. According to some reports, the UFO may have struck a windmill owned by a J.S. According to S.E. Aurora (Dallas Morning News), the UFO is believed to have struck a windmill on the property of a J.S. Haydon on April 19,1897. Proctor had crashed just two days before, at 6 a.m., which led to this tragedy.

Fort Worth Army journalist said that the extraterrestrial thought to be operating the UFO had a “Martian like” appearance. The accident did not kill him and he was later buried at the nearby Aurora Cemetery with Christian honors. A marker on the Texas Historical Commission mentions that the incident occurred in the cemetery

UFO Files opened an investigation into the Roswell incident in Texas on December 2, 2005. In 1973, Bill Case, an aviation journalist at the Dallas Times Herald, and the state director of Texas Mutual UFO Network led the inquiry. (MUFON).

MUFON examined the Aurora Cemetery and discovered an unusual stone. This was actually a gravestone depicting an alien vessel. This stone marks the grave of an extraterrestrial creature, which is what most people believe to be its final resting spot.

According to the MUFON study the evidence was not conclusive but it did not exclude the possibility that this unusual encounter took place on the night 1897. Although exhumation is still prohibited by the cemetery, a radar that penetrates earth was used to examine the tomb. However, the situation had significantly deteriorated and the radar couldn’t clearly determine what was inside.


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