Meet Maurizio Cavallo The Italian Who Has ‘Pictures’ Of Aliens Is Causing Controversy On The Internet

Italian who has ‘photos’ of aliens is causing controversy on the internet. The Italian writer Maurizio Cavallo is generating controversy on the internet. He is also a journalist, specializing in paranormal research, and a former professor at the Popular University of Vercelli, and would have been abducted by aliens from the planet “Clarion” (which would be in the Eagle galaxy, 150,000 light-years from Earth). ) in September 1981 .

According to Cavallo, the beings or creatures were taken to an underground base in the Amazon jungle and supposedly transformed their consciousness, leaving it “unlimited”, open to new knowledge. More than really intrigues netizens are the alleged photos of aliens and hybrids (‘fruits’ of the union between aliens and humans) Maurizio Cavallo, 63, also known by the pseudonym Jhlos, has already posted several books on the subject. In 2012, at a conference held in Turin, Italy, he spoke about what aliens are:

“They are the guardians of the stars, the Lords of the Rainbow. They are the gardeners of the Universe, the ancestral precursors; You ancient creators, you are timeless immortals who see two ends of the cosmos. They see the primordial source, from a place where you built eternity.”

In addition to controversial images and videos, which many do not trust, Cavallo also has widely criticized statements. He says, for example, that many of our interpretations of outer space are wrong. Secondly, there was never a Big Bang (explosion that gave rise to our universe), the speed of light would be totally surmountable. “Water and oxygen are plentiful on the Moon. In addition, Mars, Venus, Saturn and some satellites of Jupiter are inhabited. In our solar system, in fact, there are 12 planets, which is nothing new, as the science of astronomy says”, says Maurizio Cavallo in a text published on his official website.

About the intriguing photos taken with Italian hair, he clarifies that they do not represent him or that he “lived” since the first kidnapping. “I want to emphasize that the images shown do not tend to endorse my experience of contact with the civilization of the stars. It is not important to me that they understand me, we have no evidence to support what is narrated. Photos and my own story serve only as a proposal for reflection. Or the rest is a matter of conscience of each one”, says Cavallo on his website.


I also want to emphasize that the reproduced photos do not tend to corroborate my experience of contact with the civilization of the stars.
As what I experienced belongs entirely to me, I don’t care if they are credited to me or if they provide any evidence to support what is narrated.
Like photos and my own story we just want to be an aristocrat offered for reflection.
Or the rest depends on each one and his conscience.

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