NASA Attempts to Disguise a 3-MILE Giant UFO Over the Bering Sea by Calling It a Meteor

By saying that the explosion generated by a meteor that struck the water this week over the Bering Sea is what caused the 3-5 mile-long UFO, NASA is attempting to HIDE the presence of the object.

They had no other explanation for why this enormous UFO was flying over the water.

in line with Yahoo News

Around 173 kilotons of energy, or more than 10 times that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb detonation during World War II, would be released by the explosion.

It implies that we should be able to see an explosion from 30 to 60 miles away, but we can’t. There doesn’t even seem to be an explosion there! Three miles in length, it seems to be a UFO.

They made up the story that it was a meteor since the enormous UFO was seen on weather satellites and radars all around the world.

Isn’t it true that a meteor moving through the atmosphere at such a high speed would leave a heat trail in its wake?

I’m sure the instruments will go crazy and stop working until we leave the area if we send ships there to explore.


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