Experts report that about 82 alien species are in touch with Earth (video)

According to several experts and conspirators, there are approximately 82 documented extraterrestrial races that have developed direct or indirect communication with us.

Proof such as declassified papers, photographs, and videos can be seen all over the world. Normally, while looking for any sort of evidence linked to extraterrestrial existence, we do this through three key channels.

The first involves abductees and contactees, as well as observers to the UFO phenomena. The second arises from informants who might involve retired government employees or military officers. The third is linked to loads and loads of declassified top-secret papers.

One of the most prominent informants is Paul Hellyer, and according to him, there are 82 extraterrestrial races that have entered us over the years.

We have been visited and visited by several races and cultures for millennia. We don’t know who they are or what they expect us to do.

Today, Air Force officers are highly curious about the UFO phenomena. However, due to official confidentiality, more citizens prefer to think that these artifacts are all nonsense.

I inform you that Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Security, recently reported the presence of aliens and UFOs on Earth during a FoxNews interview. Authorities will no longer mask the facts. Definitely, there are certain items that have little explanation at all.

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