Professor: “aliens kidnap people and prepare the invasion”

For a long time, the theory that humans are kidnapping humans has been present in the belief of many people. Whether to study or influence humanity; now, a professor at Temple University adds to this statement.

Alien abductions have been going on for decades. It is even believed that the biblical rapture is about a mass abduction of people. A well-known professor from Temple University, Philadelphia adds that the reason behind the kidnappings is to prepare for the invasion .

Professor assures that aliens abduct people
David Jacobs , professor of history, has written different books related to alien abduction. In them you can read testimonies of victims , which he documented and compared.

The professor revealed several of his findings in the new documentary Extraordinary: The Revelations , which will air on the BLAZE television channel.

For Jacobs, the conclusion he reached after studying alien abductions is chilling; an alien species is preparing the ground to invade Earth.

“We have spread across the world and conquered as much as we can… we don’t know if this is true for other beings or not, but it certainly is true for what humans have done. My best guess, and this is a guess, is that yes, they are doing the same thing. This is what they do just like us.”
The professor states that he spoke with a large number of abductees , who said that, in the future, they would have a “job to do”. He suggested that many of the abductees recall receiving such “crowd control” instructions.

Jacobs also suggests that abductee testimony began to change over time. The subjects claimed to have seen human -like aliens in the UFOs.

control of humanity
These descended from the ships and tried to walk among the humans. So they are trying to integrate into society before taking office. He also suggests that even though they can control us, we can’t control them. They would be a kind of superhuman , so to speak.

The teacher claims not to know what will happen after the control occurs. But he believes this event has happened before.

Jacobs’s theory agrees with those who believe that the intention of the aliens is to create hybrids . In this way, they could influence and take control of the terrestrial powers.

This is because the alien races must compete with other intelligent races that have collaborated with humanity.

It is not the first time that this theory has been mentioned by some expert. In fact, the control of humanity is even described by the fathers of the Ancient Astronauts theory. Is it possible that the objective of the aliens is to control us?

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