The Strange Case of The Ilkley Moor Alien Is One Of The Most Debatable Alien Abduction Ever Recorded By Nepalikhabar24hour September 12, 2022

The Ilkley Moor alien case is one of the most disputed cases of alien abduction ever recorded in the United Kingdom due to the problems surrounding the incident.

The lack of faith in alien abductions and two damning facts showing it are at odds: the Ilkley Moor abductee was a police officer, ostensibly an experienced eyewitness, and the picture of the entity he says he met.

On the morning of December 1st, 1987, while crossing the Moor in Yorkshire, police officer Alan Godfrey came upon the entity. According to him, the thing was little, humanoid, and green.

He looked to have frightened the creature, as it took off running before returning to a safe distance and maybe signaling him with its right arm bending and rising. Godfrey had a camera with him, so he snapped a photo of it, prompting it to escape once again, this time behind a big rock structure.

Godfrey chased and came to a stop as he circled the rock formation, stunned at what he saw. In front of him, a massive glittering silver domed metallic disc-shaped spacecraft stood in the clearing, then launched out into the sky at high speed.

If the story wasn’t already unusual enough, it was about to become much crazier. Following the meeting, Godfrey was unable to account for two hours, which is a classic indicator of missing time.

Second, the alien’s picture was badly blurred, which is a frequent hoaxer technique for providing evidence. Despite this, Kodak Film examined the shot (seen right) as well as the negatives, determining that the photographs had not been tampered with. His compass had also changed polarity, now indicating south rather than north, according to the officer.

The compass was studied at the University of Manchester’s Institute of Science and Technology. They came to the conclusion that there were only two options. Either the compass was in a magnetic field formed by a magnet, or it was subjected to a rapidly applied magnetic field or “pulsed” magnetic field caused by tremendous amounts of energy.

I can’t find any information on what that kind of atmosphere would be like or where it would happen, but I’m sure the University thought it was a distant possibility. The kind of magnet that may cause that effect had been identified before, but the only examples available were made in Japan and were not commercially available at the time of the conference.

Alan was having his own issues; he was worried about the two hours he’d wasted and was experiencing nightmares that appeared to be connected to his strange encounter.

To fill in the blanks in his recollection, Godfrey decided to attempt hypnotic regression. At this point, I’d want to point out that skeptics commonly use this kind of testimony to invalidate an abduction tale for a number of reasons.

The same kind of testimony, on the other hand, has been presented as evidence in court and has resulted in persons being sentenced to jail. Under hypnosis, he was able to recollect that when he came upon the silver spacecraft in the clearing, it had levitated him inside.

He described his captors as being around four feet tall, with “giant pointed ears and enormous black eyes….and three massive fingers, like sausages.” After allegedly being probed by some kind of “illuminating instrument,” Godfrey was shown terrifying images of the earth’s environmental destruction.

He was also handed a series of images, which he absolutely refused to discuss, stating he’d been sworn to secrecy.

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