The Mummified Bodies Of Aliens Found In A Cave On The Nazca Plateau.

Mummy of Nazca: Discovering Other Bodies and Traveling to the Inhabited Underground City

A new photo that speaks of the mummified bodies of aliens found in a cave on the Nazca Plateau.

About the man who discovered the cave with the mummies and they call him Mary. Mario has been looking for traces of ancient civilizations on the Nazca Plateau since 1990. In his words, he found many mysterious places in his searches, claiming that he had been exploring the inhospitable mountains for many years, exploring the caves and reading all the books related to the plains of Nazca and the ancient civilizations there.

When he discovered the entrance to this cave, he immediately realized that it was something like a tomb. Inside the cave he found two sarcophagi. In one, there were several objects that are still not talked about, and in the other two medium-sized mummies and many small humanoid mummies. The largest mummy in the sarcophagus was not nearby with a little white powder.

Mario did not want to inform his government or official scientist of his findings, because he (perhaps rightly) feared that no one would know of his discovery and possibly his life could be in danger.

Jaime Maussean said Mario forbade him to shoot and take pictures, and refused to show the cave in which the sensational find was found. Likewise, he refuses to hand over the objects found in the first sarcophagus.

Mario claims he didn’t reveal the cave’s position and only showed a tenth of what he discovered there. The cave must be a spacious hall from where the tunnels lead into the country, and you haven’t explored them yet. He fears that if the government finds the right place, the cave will be destroyed.

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