NASA Captured Earth-Size UFOs Refuelling From The Sun’s Plasma

The mysterious phenomenon was noticed by a YouTube user Streetcap1. The SOHO observatory, which has been operating in space since 1996, took several consecutive images that day, capturing the Sun as it rotates around its axis.

Image source: NASA

UFOs are visible in only one image. However, it is impossible to conclude that the phenomenon was rather transient. It is possible that the sucked object simply disappeared behind the star, turning at the same time with it.

The nature of the white object can still be reasonably explained: it is possible that a star got into the frame.

SOHO is an observatory of a joint project of the European and American space agencies.

At one time, NASA spoke about a UFO that was seen in images taken from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. It monitors the luminary and regularly transmits to the Earth images illustrating the various processes taking place on it.

Strange anomaly spotted near Sun

One of the pictures from 2012 showed that a dark object of the Earth’s size was attached to the Sun. It stretched out a thick hose like if something is sucking from our star.

This is an alien ship, as some suspicious spectators were frightened, is fueled by solar plasma. Others were generally horrified, suggesting that the Death Star flew up to the Sun and was about to begin the destruction of our world.

There was, however, a more life-affirming hypothesis. According to it, the process of the birth of a new planet from the depths of the Sun was captured in the frame.

Strange anomaly spotted near Sun

In response to the hype, NASA also provided clarification, which is extremely rare. Agency specialists rejected all three hypotheses.

According to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center astrophysicist and solar astrophysicist C. Alex Young, a prominence was captured in the frame. And it looks dark because it is colder than its surroundings. It contains a cold substance that has risen above the surface of the Sun, which holds the magnetic field.

And what looks like a dark disk is the end of the prominence, which, in fact, is a tunnel.

Young reported that prominences can take on the most bizarre shapes, stretch for hundreds of thousands of kilometers, reaching tens of thousands of kilometers in diameter, and can break away from the surface of the Sun. At the same time, the scientist admitted that the process of formation of prominences of one kind or another is poorly studied.

Strange anomaly spotted near Sun

In other words, scientists believed that at least that time, the aliens did not stick to the Sun, as the ship, and the hose were generated by themselves as the same object, either prominence or a magnetic tornado.

On July 12, 2011, a powerful prominence hit the lenses of the SDO observatory cameras. The sun threw a clot of plasma into the surrounding space, which bent into a loop, broke up into several “filaments” and returned back to the star.

According to experts, the height of the prominence exceeded 150,000 kilometers.

Alex Young from NASA was first to report that the plasma clot was surprisingly shaped like an angel flapping its wings.

The giant angelic prominence did not harm the Earth, since almost all of the plasma emitted from the star returned back, attracted by the monstrous magnetic field and gravity.

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