Aliens, Time, And The Esoteric Knowledge Of Other Dimensions

Along with the notion that UFOs and those within them hail from other planets are a plethora of alternative explanations. Among these differing answers to the UFO and alien question is that they are not coming to us from another planet but from another dimension. This most intriguing theory itself splinters into various groups, all united in a common belief, but separated by their reasoning and perception of it.

Do accounts of aliens connect to ancient esoteric wisdom

Some very much follow a “scientific” path. That UFO and alien interaction is the result of entities – flesh-and-blood or energy based – from other dimensions that we are yet to fully understand. Others fall very much into a hardline fundamentalist Christian thought-process. To them, aliens are demons using extra-terrestrial imagery as their cover to trick humanity. A third group leans towards more of a supernatural explanation with esoteric knowledge at its heart.

All borrow details from the other, which as we have seen in many other fields, could mean that all different theories have certain elements of truth to them. If we believe, as some do, that at some point in pre-history, some “definitive” version of events occurred that was then retold and rewritten in different culture’s own images as civilizations have grown across the globe, then perhaps that suggests a civilization unknown and unrecorded to us today. One that was advanced and whose influence stretched not only across Earth but into the cosmos.

It is also one that appears to have faltered at some point, with any survivors stretched far and wide across the planet. With those survivors are perhaps the clues to not only actual events in pre-history but to the UFO question that continues to elude us today.

The Uniquely Chilling Experience Of Stella Lansing

Perhaps one of the best examples of the intertwining of the UFO mystery and the supernatural or paranormal, are the events surrounding Stella Lansing. [1] Beginning in 1961 Lansing began noticing “orb-like” objects near her Northampton home in Massachusetts. Although the sightings were few and far between, to begin with, by the mid-sixties they were increasingly regular.

Halloween 1966, however, was perhaps the first time an experience with the orbs left Lansing with a feeling of terror instead of wonder. At a little after 7:20 pm she would drive her car to a lake near her home. Pulling into one of the parking space that overlooked the water, she killed the engine and went to switch off her headlights.

That was when she saw it. Coming out of the water and directly towards her was a strange figure that Lansing later recalled “was wearing a black skullcap!”

Fighting off wave after wave of terror welling up inside of her, she restarted her car engine, reversed from the parking space and left the lake. As she did so she could see the figure emerge from the water and onto the banks behind her courtesy of her rearview mirror. She pressed her foot down on the accelerator even more.

It was then she noticed an “orange orb of light” making its way towards the creature. It was now clear that the creature from the lake was heading towards the orb, and the orb to it likewise. A mist began descending around the figure as if emanating from the orb itself. As if things couldn’t get any stranger, a larger red orb appeared to swoop to the ground. In a flash, it was gone. As was the smaller orange light and the mysterious creature from the icy waters.

The 8mm Films

Following the encounter by the lake, and in part due to the fact she was acutely aware of the disbelief she would face if she spoke of such an incident without any proof, Lansing would invest in an 8mm film camera. She had attempted on several occasions to capture one of the orbs on a standard camera but had been unsuccessful. Now she would let the camera roll and investigate the findings after the events.

The findings were mind-blowing, to say the least.

On 19th February 1967 while driving along Route 32 she noticed one of the orbs overhead. She instantly stopped her vehicle and began filming. She would capture two orbs “bouncing like a rubber ball!” Another orb, this one blue, appeared. Onlookers pulled over their cars to witness the events, all of which Lansing got on camera.

The following year in April 1968, Lansing was finally able to purchase a projector, so she could study her film and slow it down to view it more closely. When she did so, chilling and bizarre images would reveal themselves.

Within one of the frames was the image of three men, seemingly sat talking. None were present on the film at the time. The image would become known as “The Occupants”. As she filmed her encounters over the years she would notice other bizarre images. One appeared to be an anguished face that inherited the name “The Monk”.

By the early-1970s, paranormal researcher, Sr. Berthold Eric Schwarz, would work with Lansing to try to establish just what the increasingly bizarre images in her films were. All medical, psychological and neurological tests performed on Lansing came back normal. Schwarz quietly suspected a paranormal connection.

Before we move on, however, check out the short video below.

Other Dimensions?

After over a decade of such mind-twisting sightings and chilling imagery, the stress would finally catch up to Lansing. Almost mentally broken, she would admit herself into the Massachusetts State Hospital for “mental evaluation”. She would claim to be in communication with “Beelzebub” and would ultimately receive a diagnosis as a Paranoid Schizophrenic who suffered intense hallucinations.

Even if that were true, though, short of faking the bizarre images in the frames of her films (of which there is no evidence), then those hallucinations became real! Dr. Schwarz would argue her claims of speaking with “the Devil” was merely her tired mind trying to make sense of the surreal events she was witness to. Besides which, Lansing was not a particularly religious person, if at all.

Dr. Schwarz would continue to work with Lansing. On one occasion while the pair, along with a third witness, was filming an orb overhead, a strange car pulled up in front of them. An orb was directly over it. Its headlights flashed as if in an attempt to communicate. A little unnerved, the trio would vacate the area. The car, however, followed them, eventually passing them. Although they couldn’t be certain, as it passed, it appeared the moving vehicle was completely empty.

Had Lansing really been filming some kind of interdimensional activity while filming the orbs? Activity that only showed upon slowing the frames of her films? Was the strange creature in the lake emerging from a portal under the lake? In 1991, as part of a television special, Lansing’s footage of “The Occupants” was played using modern technology. This time, as the frames containing the image played, strange and enchanting voices were now audible.

The video below looks at Lansing’s films in a little more detail.

The Milakovic Family Alien Encounter

Around the same time as the Stella Lansing incidents were unfolding, another strange UFO incident occurred near the Cannock Chase area of Staffordshire and was first documented in the Volume 15 No. 1 edition of Flying Saucer Review in an article titled Figures Seen on UFO. [2]

On the afternoon of 20th November, Mr. and Mrs. Milakovic were traveling with their 11-year-old son, Slavic (one of 11 of the pair’s children), on their way to look at larger houses in the countryside. Part of that journey would bring them to a stop in the town of Hanbury so they might inspect and view Hanbury Hall.

After viewing the property, at around 5:30 pm, they eventually set out for home, with the last of the winter’s day sun just about gone. Their journey, however, was to be an eventful one. In fact, it would be life changing.

As Mr. Milakovic drove the car down the quiet country road, all three of them noticed a rabbit run out of hedge at the side of the road. This was followed by another, then another, until several rabbits were heading away from the hedge, as if scared by something.

Then, the three of them saw it – a “brilliant bright object” hovering over a field near the hedge to their left. Mr. Milakovic brought the vehicle to a stop, exiting the vehicle in order to get a better look at it. As he did so, the glowing craft moved toward him and positioned itself almost directly over the top of the vehicle. He was followed by his wife, Doris, and Slavic, who also wished to get a much closer look at this strange craft.

Although they didn’t inform each other at the time, each of them noticed how the air around them had become suddenly warmer while the object hovered overhead. When it moved off, the air cooled almost immediately to what it was before. They watched as the object continued moving away from them.

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