What Does The 5m Human Skeleton Found in Australia Mean?

Look around the web long enough and you shouldn’t have many problems finding the various stories over the years about massive human skeletons being found. There’s more than one, but the most recent discovery – found in Australia at 5.3m tall – is one of the most impressive yet. With many people happy to believe in the story of giant men in the form of various myths and ideas over the years, this is just yet another point to add to the list of credible evidence that there was, at one stage, humans much larger than our current forms walking this Earth.

However, not everything is as it might seem when you read articles about the latest discoveries – especially when you turn to websites like World News Daily Report. These are website that break news that we “won’t find anywhere else” but the problem is that these websites tend to be ‘faux news’ in that, well, it’s all made up.

In this guide to the latest discovery, we’ll break down what the story is being sold but also the truth of what appears to be a load of nonsense. Forgive us if some of this article sounds like we believe the story – we merely want to set the scene!

Do giant skeletons await our discovery?

The Latest Discovery?

Standing at a barely believable 17ft and 4in, this latest discovery was a discovery found near the ancient ruins of what is so far the only discovered megalithic civilization found in Australia. It was discovered by “Hans Zimmer”, of the University of Adelaide, and it has since left many experts and interested parties dumbfounded about its overall existence.

It was discovered at an interesting time for archaeological discovery in Australia. In 2014 alone, they found the excellent Uluru dig site and now this new discovery adds something far more interesting to the path moving forward. It was actually discovered near the Ayers rock, and is quite easily the largest skeleton which has ever been found. This fascinating discovery, though, is seemingly impossible – at least in accordance with the kind of science that we follow.

Whilst an exciting and unique discovery in the eyes of most people within the world of archaeology, it has left more questions to be picked up on than answers which certainly adds another level of mystery. We’ll take a look at all of the information we could find on the latest discovery in here.

The Largest Ever

As you might imagine, this is the largest skeleton ever found within the shape of a human being – and make no mistake, it’s in the perfect shape of a man. There’s every bit definition that you would expect to find, with clear points showing that this isn’t some gimmick or a coincidence of fossils lying together; this is all the one thing.

One of the first exclamations from experts was this was someone who suffered from the most extreme cause of gigantism possible, which is merely seen as speculation at this point in time. Even then, there has never been a recorded form of gigantism that gets anything close to this level of height, so it would have to be a one-off case – even then, how does that explain the other huge skeletons found in the past?

At the time of writing, the idea is to just keep digging and see what comes up eventually. At this moment in time it would be nearly impossible to draw any legitimate conclusions that could be used to help prove anything. What we can say for sure, though, is that this really creates something that is interesting, engaging and worth your time.

The hope is that the discovery of this megalithic civilization could offer more clues and ideas about how this kind of person could ever have existed in the first place. Given that the massive block which was found weighed over 80 tons, we imagine that even this magnificently large fellow would have had a hard time carrying it on his own!

So, how did this block get moves all that distance into the desert – did they use technology we don’t have? Outside of having superhuman strength of immense numbers and the greatest level of synergy ever found in a workforce, it would appear so. However, absolutely nothing stands out in terms of archaeological discoveries that showcases that these ancient races ever had anything beyond what we do. Aside from the scale and accuracy of many findings these days, it’s hard to know how they actually created the process.

With no real answers at this moment, only speculation, every new find just adds something new and scary to the tables. There’s nothing that can really be done to help us avoid these problems with discovering the facts other than to keep digging and hoping for the next breakthrough to occur quite quickly.

The most interesting factor is the fact that we have “found” multiple huge skeletons, leading to the idea that there was a civilization of pretty large people living here. This also removes the idea that someone was suffering from a majorly unique and extensive form of gigantism – why would the entire region be suffering from that?

Thankfully, unlike the giant skeleton found in Saudi Arabia [1] in the past, this is still open to genuine archaeological discovery. There is no military intervention here and it’s not been cordoned off and blacked out in the media.

As you might imagine, this is sending people wild with speculation. One of the most common is that these are what the bible eventually described as the Nephilim giants. Logic dictates that every store in the Bible has a natural genesis from disasters to freaks of nature – could this be the location that inspired the creation of the Nephilim in the story of the Bible?

Indeed, most cultures have their own history of giants that roamed the world freely.

The speculation about why these exist rages on!

Speculative Causes

Of course, every time there is the “discovery” of something great that is no longer seen in this world – like massive stones moved seemingly without technology and giant people – the immediate conclusion is ‘disaster’.

Everyone must have been wiped out, it’s the only explanation that some will even begin to agree with. Many specialists are already looking at the idea that the old Uluru civilization must have been wiped out in the past.

Are discoveries of giant skeletons credible?

The idea is that “something” caused a massive obliteration of the area, turning it from a fertile land of great development and positivity to damaged, sterile land in an instant. It sounds quite tough, right?

This is due to the “fact” that there are numerous ferrous deposits which are being found all across the Australian Desert. The idea is that some form of major meteorite hit the region and took everything with it, thanks to the discovery of meteorites and various other factors across the land.

Some geological deposits show that this happened something in the timeline of 3,500-2,500 years ago.

The high radiation levels found near the ruins as well as the massive widespread destruction of the region leads to the logical conclusion that something almighty – but natural – hit this part of the world and wiped out everything that once lived here.

People are already jumping on this explanation as the common one to go with, as is always the case.

From the massive underwater cities and docks that have been found in the past, far more impressive and ornate than our own cities and designs, to the huge skeletons found periodically it’s easy to point to the idea that something pretty major has gone down way beyond our own timeline and understanding.

Not a Photoshop?

Immediately, people started to bring to the defence of both the original author and the people who were selling this as real. With anything that seems a bit weird, there was immediately discussion about how it could all be a great Photoshop, a manipulated set of images.

One of the major debunking precedents for this kind of discovery comes from 2007. This is when a leading editorial, Voice, produced the “discovery” of a giant skeleton in the past. They were, though, the victims of a hoax creation which caught them out and harmed their credibility for a while. The editor, P. Deivamuthu, made an unreserved apology for being hooked with the hoax.

Most say that the Saudi Arabian find was also a hoax, so it’s hard to know what to think. However, in this instance, there are “quotes” from the people who actually made the discovery – for that reason, it’s much easier to believe that this was actually found and that it is not a hoax. Unfortunately, this changes quite dramatically when you find out that the “source” of the quotes is actually a made-up individual.

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