NASA Scientist Claims: ETs Are Living Among Us Here on Earth and We Still Haven’t Noticed

According with the doctor. Silvano P. Colombano, from NASA’s Intelligent Systems Division, we already have alien life among us here on Earth, but we don’t notice it.

According to Colombano, the way we look for these lives is quite limited, since we are busy looking only for organic life forms, that is, with a molecular structure composed of carbon atoms.

According to the researcher, several studies have already proven the existence of forms of life other than the organic one, and that is where the “cat leap” would be.

Colombano says that there are, therefore, two hypotheses: the extraterrestrials arrived many years ago and evolved to the point of becoming organic beings, or they began to arrive a short time ago in the form of microorganisms that are difficult to perceive, precisely because they do not have carbon. in its molecular composition.

British astronaut thinks the same

Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut to go into space, is in the same vein as Dr. Silvano P. Colombano. According to her, there are lives on other planets, and even extraterrestrial beings are already living among us here on Earth!

Like Colombano, Sharman, who was on a mission to the Soviet modular space station Mir in May 1991, says that aliens may not be composed of carbon and nitrogen, like humans, so we don’t notice them.

“Aliens exist, there’s no doubt about that. There must be all sorts of different life forms… It’s possible they are here right now and we just can’t see them.”

So, what’s your opinion on that?

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