NASA Found Life On Mars 40 Years Ago, But Covered It Up For Political Reasons


One of the experimenters involved with the Labeled Release (LR) life detection experiment that took place during NASA’s Viking mission to Mars in 1976   went public   with the claim that life on Mars was discovered over 40 years ago, although the government has yet to admit the truth.

According to Gilbert V. Levin, writing for the Scientific American blog, test results from this mission were returned to NASA on July 30, 1976, revealing that something was, in fact, alive on Mars in the distant past, despite the planet to be uninhabitable. today.

Over the course of the experiment, a total of four positive results supported by five varying controls showed that “microbial respiration” existed on the Red Planet, with soil tests showing similar data curves to those collected on Earth.

At the time, NASA insisted that the mission did not discover true life because no real organic matter, considered the “essence of life”, was detected.

As such, NASA declared the mission a failure as it only resulted in the discovery of a life-like substance.

“Inexplicably, over the 43 years since Viking, none of NASA’s subsequent Mars probes have carried a life-detecting instrument to follow up on these exciting results,” notes Levin, suggesting that NASA never expected to discover life on Mars in the first place. , and he certainly never intended to tell the public about it, if he did.

“Instead, the agency launched a series of missions to Mars to determine if there was ever a suitable habitat for life and, if so, eventually bring samples to Earth for biological examination,” explains Levin.

NASA has long claimed that its number one priority is finding alien life. So why has NASA been covering up the truth all these years, and going so far as to   ban the use of life-detecting technologies on its many subsequent space missions  ?

According to Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NASA is a fraudulent pseudoscientific organization that, like fakestream media, is in the business of pushing fairy tales as fact, while simultaneously covering up the truth.

“NASA is lying all the time, as are other fake news media,” writes Adams.

As for NASA’s long-running Mars cover-up, further proof that life did indeed exist on the Red Planet can be found in the fact that surface water was also detected there, as was the supposed carbon footprint of civilizations.” ancient Martians”.

“In summary, we have: positive results from a widely used microbiological test; strong and varied controls support responses; duplication of LR results at each of Viking’s two sites; replication of the experiment at the two sites; and the failure over 43 years of any experiment or theory to provide a definitive non-biological explanation of the Viking LR results,” concludes Levin.

“What is the evidence against the possibility of life on Mars? The surprising fact is that there are none. In addition, laboratory studies have shown that some terrestrial microorganisms can survive and grow on Mars.”

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