Mysterious Pyramidal Structures On The Moon? “The Real Reason Why They Have Never Returned To The Moon”

There are many reasons why the Moon is not returning to Earth. Independent experts and other members have concluded that it is because of the existence of pyramidal structures.

Former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Many individuals have pondered why humanity hasn’t returned to the Moon for decades. Why is this happening? Why are they silent?

A group of retired NASA scientists has revealed the position of the pyramidal structures on the lunar surfaces.

The Moon Landing’s Mysteries Edgar Mitchell, an ex-NASA astronaut and sixth person to walk on Moon, says that humanity is not the only one in the cosmos right now. The world’s great powers may have kept this information secret. This is especially true in light of the discoveries made on the Moon during the lunar landings. Mitchell says that all NASA employees must swear a confidentiality agreement. But, it is not enough. Many employees have spoken out about what they kept secret.

John Brandenburg is a physicist who has a Ph.D. from Plasma Physics. He is also a consultant to Monrningstar Applied Physics LLC and a part time professor at Madison College of astronomy and mathematics. Brandenburg was part of NASA during the Clementine mission. It was conducted in collaboration with the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization. This mission was designed to thoroughly analyze the satellite. This trip led to the discovery of water at the lunar poles. The scientist, on the other hand, stated that “something else” was discovered. Photographic reconnaissance on the lunar surface revealed advanced pyramidal bases, buildings and structures.

Former employees have revealed the existence of bases and pyramidal structures on the Moon. A straight wall extending over a mile is visible in the photographs. This demonstrated that the wall was a man-made construction. But the most concerning aspect of the situation is that the Defense Organization’s spokesman remained silent. None of these structures looked human-made. Why was he so silent?

Editing pyramidal structures on the Moon Brandenburg isn’t the only one to have this information. Ken Johnston, the former director of NASA’s Department of Space Photographic Evidence, was the first to notice. According to the scientist, he was able take authentic photos of lunar surface and saw multiple pyramidal structures. Additionally, he said that all such material was protected by highly-ranking US government employees. The one that is seen by the general public is not altered.

NASA said shortly after these comments that it had never had any relationship with Ken Johnston. There is however evidence to support this assertion:

NASA’s photographs from 1950 and the obvious variations between them and the most recent ones. These photos are obviously distorted. What was discovered about the Moon? Why hasn’t the satellite been stomped on again now that technology has grown so much? You must have strong motivation to do this.

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