Pentagon Admits That US Military Planes Had A Strange Encounter With a Real UFO

Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell shared a night vision video shot by a US Navy destroyer. UFOs appear to be flying over warships. That meeting has now been confirmed by the Pentagon.

A pyramid-shaped UFO is plainly apparent in the Pentagon-confirmed video.

A US Navy destroyer’s night vision camera photographed UFOs, according to the Pentagon.

The photographs and videos Corbell mentioned were shot by Navy troops, according to Sue Gough, a spokeswoman for the Department of Defense. The Pentagon has confirmed a UAP (unidentified aerial vehicle) contact.

Official sightings of UFOs have become so common, at least in the United States, that they can no longer be ignored. As in the last case, which was validated by the Pentagon. Gough also stated that the UAPTF (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Working Group) is already conducting its inquiry. This organization is currently in charge of investigating and confirming UFO encounters involving US military personnel.

The Department of Defense does not publicly divulge the facts of the probes, according to a Pentagon spokeswoman, in order to protect operational security and avoid “revealing information that may be valuable to its adversaries.” In recent years, the subject of UFOs has grown highly contentious.

A “new boom” has erupted as a result of the volume of news and revelations made by former US government employees. The photos collected by various methods, however, do not have a clear provenance.

Furthermore, official sources do not fully explain the situation, therefore multiple explanations may exist. During the pandemic, the New York Times published an article citing the massive spike in UFO claims. In comparison to prior years, the number of sightings in New York City has more than doubled.

Jeremy Corboll, who is in charge of video filtering.

Objects with pyramidal shapes

The documentary “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers” included the green hue video that UAPTF discovered. According to The New York Post and The Sun, filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and KLAS TV news director George Knapp were responsible for this film.

A night vision camera captured a tiny video of pyramid-shaped objects flying low over the deck of a Navy destroyer. The footage was shot during a USS Russell deployment, according to Corbell in an interview with the Mystery Wire portal.

“This isn’t a case of foreign military, because they acted in a way we didn’t expect. They also didn’t have a sleek shape. They’re flying pyramids, just like pyramids! The director further stated that the footage was shot in 2019 and that he was in charge of establishing its authenticity.

After acquiring information from a Pentagon intelligence briefing, he did so. Officials there confirmed that the photographs were captured with the help of the Navy, but they didn’t reveal anything further.

Another example of odd phenomena occurring in our skies, making it increasingly harder to conceal the truth. Is the big reveal on the way? It’s a distinct possibility, and we must be ready.


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