The Untold History of Human Race – The Secrets of The Ancient Anunnaki Aliens

In Sumerian writings, they are called “those who came down form heaven” and are often referred to by the Anunnaki. They were considered to be a race of superhuman creatures who created humanity more than 50.000 year ago.

Genesis describes a planet called Nibiru as a 12th planet. It was inhabited by humanoid creature that were very similar to us. We are also told that they were unhappy with their atmosphere, and that they found gold in the Solar System to bring them onto our planet.

The Anunnaki were slaves and those who were granted this responsibility began to reveal themselves to their rulers. They demanded that they produce a lesser entity for the heavy lifting. Thus, a new species or race was created.

The Anunnaki spent significant time on Earth tending the gold mines. Despite all this, the Anunnaki returned home to Earth to discover what they had discovered. The Anunnaki then asked their subordinates to return to the mines.

The Anunnaki created men, making the situation even worse. This was because the new race of Anunnaki was vicious and untamable. It was impossible for any creature on Earth to survive.


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