This Happens When You Extend The Nazca Lines Around The Globe (video)

Every time you extend the Nazca Lines around the globe, they always mark one specific spot, Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is an ancient megalithic site with plenty of stone blocks stretching for thousands and thousands of miles. Could it be that the Nazca Lines are part of a sophisticated global positioning system?

I have a question for you all: Any chance this was once where the north and south pole were?

The first time I heard about the Nazca Lines was in a teen book series by Anthony Horowitz called Power of the Five. The Nazca Lines were being used to open up a Stargate or portal to rise up The Old Ones

Now I know this is a fictional book series – however, they have made it a habit of presenting to us in a fictional framework a portion of the truth. Could it be possible that the Nazca Lines since they span across the entire globe at equal degrees could perhaps be a portal to open up another dimension – sort of like CERN? Do you all think I am way off base and off in lah land? Have a look at the following video.


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