Valiant Thor, the beneficent Alien with a 1200 IQ that worked for the Pentagon (video)

Val Valiant is a fictional character created by Val Valiant Thor spent three years at the Pentagon as a stranger, speaking with President Eisenhower, Vice President Truman, and Air Force military brass. The conspiracy theories concerning Val Thor’s time at the Pentagon are explored in this video.

Dr. Stranges Ph.D. and the longest-running UFO story in history

Dr. Frank Strange is most known for his best-selling novel “Stranger at the Pentagon,” first released in 1967. His book piqued people’s interest and ignited one of the most enduring mythologies about UFOs and the hollow Earth in history. If his dramatic tale is real, as many people say, it casts a whole new light on America’s past in the twentieth century.

In UFO circles, Dr. Stranges was still a strange person. He was a committed UFO tracker and a freelance private detective who seemed to have no problem believing in extraterrestrial activity. He was also an evangelical Christian pastor and the founder of the International Evangelism Crusades at the time. This peculiar mix of values, according to Dr. Franke, distinguished him as the natural messenger for any vital extraterrestrial information.

Val Thor and Jill aliens from Planet Venus?

Dr. Stranges appeared to have obtained a photograph of a space alien called Val Valiant Thor and his second in command, a female named Jill, sometime in 1958. Dr. Stranges displayed the picture at UFO conventions, claiming that Val Thor and Jill were Venusian extraterrestrials. This conduct drew the attention of the officials, and Dr. Stranges was finally approached by Nancy Warren, a Pentagon insider, who informed him that Val himself had demanded a personal meeting.

Dr. Stranges, of course, gladly accepted the invitation and met with Valiant Thor. Val told him that he and his three-person crew had arrived in Alexandria, Virginia, on March 16th, 1957. Nancy Warren and Frank Strange are said to have spoken with two police officers after arriving in Alexandria, who immediately relayed the details they were giving them to the Pentagon. Following that, the four extraterrestrials met with Neil H McElroy, the Secretary of Defense at the time, as well as President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon. Val and his staff are thought to have met with senior lawmakers and Air Force officers on several occasions since this encounter, giving them guidance on politics and dealings with other extraterrestrial beings

Val Thor said that there was a cause he wanted Dr. Stranges to speak with and share his story to, and that reason was Dr. Stranges’ devout Christian faith. Dr. Stranges was told by Val that the Bible was a reflection of the reality, but that Jesus Christ was a space alien rather than a human. He said that he had intended to preach this message on Earth but had been discouraged by senior politicians of the time. Val, on the other hand, assured Dr. Stranges that his disappointment had not deterred him from pursuing his quest to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in the galaxy, which he said he was still doing to this day.


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