Bob Lazar and the truth about a secret UFO base in Papoose Lake

Is our government working with crashed UFOs? Bob Lazar said that he worked on reverse engineering alien spacecraft at a military facility in 1989 called SITE 4 (within the Area 51 designation). He described a unique and highly camouflaged building built into the mountains and situated on Papoose Lake… which is about 17 miles south of Groom Lake.


People have argued for 33 years whether Lazar was telling the truth about a secret UFO facility at Papoose Lake.

The thing is… there was a civilian who snuck into the Area 51 base – and checked out Papoose Lake for himself. Did you know?

In the spring of 1997, an archaeologist named Jerry Freeman snuck into the forbidden zone of Area 51 (and Lake Papoose). He is the only civilian known to have accessed what Bob Lazar said was a hidden military facility. Lazar reported a unique and heavily camouflaged building that the military used to store and reverse engineer alien flying saucers.

However, many people like to claim that Jerry Freeman never reported seeing anything unusual at Papoose Lake…that his excursion was uneventful, and that his account somehow casts a shadow over what Bob Lazar told us, but that is a nonsense

Now, hear the true story of George Knapp…and hear directly from Jerry, too.

This clip contains an audio interview Jerry did with radio host Art Bell. He gives a firsthand description of what he saw at Papoose Lake. Even the Los Angeles Times reported on Jerry’s banned excursion, and that he “discovered what appeared to be a lighted door that appeared and disappeared in the darkness of distant Papoose Lake.”

I think people just forgot their story, so it’s time to resurrect the truth… it’s time to listen. Now you can judge for yourself, and there is more to come.

Is this another confirmation that what Bob Lazar told us is true?

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