Cluster Of UFOs Filmed Above California – Twice

There are plenty of objects that might be spotted in the sky – planes, helicopters, drones – even satellites and rockets, but what was captured above Fresno, California this week doesn’t fall under any of those categories.

It was filmed by Raffi Sarimazian, who was grabbing dinner out when he looked up and saw a bunch of strange lights flying above him. He recorded what he was witnessing and shared the footage on Facebook. The video shows six orange lights moving in the night sky. He explained to the local news that as he drove on, “one by one [the lights] would slowly disappear, like fade away.”

The nearby Air National Guard confirmed they were not flying any aircraft that night, there is no weather station close by that might put up a weather balloon, plus they wouldn’t do it at night, and SpaceX satellites don’t move like what Raffi filmed.

Making things even more weird, another Fresno resident recorded similar lights a few days before Raffi’s sighting. She shared her videos with the Facebook page Fresno Unexplained, writing:

“So.. last Thursday night around 8:30 there were 7 total that we saw from old town Clovis. First, 2 appeared traveling side by side, going NE, going kind of fast. Then 2 more that lingered a little bit, side by side, then 2 more, more at an angle traveling slower. Finally one last one that my neighbors said hovered for a while. I missed that one cause I had to take off. They were changing colors from peach to brighter pink maybe due to fog coming in. Then they were all just gone.”

Some people think all the lights are are sky lanterns or Chinese lanterns, but others are convinced that the lights are something other-worldly. In fact, in recent weeks, there have been eerily similar reports in New

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