Strange Staircase Discovered In Giza Plateau

This discovery comes to us from one of the most famous spots on Earth right now, the Giza Complex from Egypt, as yet another insane discovery appears to have been reported from here.

This new discovery is quite insane so we suggest that you buckle up, as the Supreme Council of Egyptian Antiquities have reported themselves the fact that there may have been a fourth pyramid here after all.

This newfound proof is shaped up like a mysterious ancient staircase that appears to precede the other pyramids altogether. If it is proven that this staircase is actually a part of the ancient pyramid by any means then this will once and for all prove the fact that there used to be a fourth pyramid after all.

What’s even stranger about this is the fact that many believe that this staircase might date all the way back to the construction of the ancient Sphinx after all. In case you didn’t know already, the Ancient Sphinx from Giza is not your average statue as it appears to predate all of the other pyramids around, having been deemed the oldest man-made structure in all of Egypt. We cannot say for sure where the staircase actually leads but in the following few years, we should have fully excavated it all to the point where all of the secrets of ancient Egypt are definitely going to be deciphered once and for all.

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