Ancient broken pottery and shield-shaped artifacts photographed by Curiosity Rover

NASA has always had a pretty weird take on extraterrestrial life on Mars in that no matter how much evidence we threw at them, they never seemed satisfied enough as they always wanted to throw it in our faces, to say the least. less.

Although we’re here just to offer our support as we continue to spot strange encounters on Mars that were likely missed, it looks like all we’re going to get from NASA is just resentment for the most part.

For some reason, they don’t really agree with us offering our support, as more and more online pundits have stated that all of this is proof of the fact that NASA is indeed in cahoots with the aliens.

Regardless, we will continue to spread the truth, just like Whatsupinthesky37, the young YouTuber who single-handedly discovered the following strange objects on day 309 of the Curiosity Rover on Mars.

He is quick to point out the broken pottery shards found in the middle of the Martian structure and also points out the fact that a large emblem can be seen at one point in the background.

He mentions that the pottery here also looks very suspicious and recent, which is definitely something to watch out for, to say the least.

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