Glowing UFO filmed underwater off the coast of Miami

Scott Waring, a well-known ufologist, shared an intriguing movie on the Internet in which an object that glows green slides under the surface of the water.

The object changed shape and lit up green as it went.

UFOs, according to Scott Waring, can travel underwater as fast as they can travel through the air. The green light is coming from the propulsion systems of an unidentified object.

When UFOs are seen moving in and out of the ocean, this is far from an isolated case. Many people are likely to remember the footage of a UFO descending underwater captured by the crew of a US destroyer.

The ufologist believes that alien bases could be found at a depth of several kilometers in regions where similar things have been discovered.

According to some scholars, these bases are not the main ones, but transit points for aliens arriving from space.


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