Former US Air Force Officer Trained By NSA To Communicate With Gray Aliens

There are numerous records of alien encounters that include encounters with otherworldly beings known as “Greys”. The origin of the term “grey alien” can be traced back to the 19th century, but it became popular after the famous Roswell incident. One of the most intriguing cases of extraterrestrial contact came from Dan Sherman. He claimed to have been recruited by US intelligence to speak with Gray Aliens.

Aliens Gray
In his book  “Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny”  Dan Sherman wrote about the government program known as  Project Preserver Destiny (PPD) . According to him, he was an analyst for the Air Force Electronic Intelligence Sergeant (ELINT) and participated in the PPD program to receive information from extraterrestrials and forward them to the National Security Agency (NSA).

Former USAF Staff Sergeant Dan Sherman

Sherman joined the United States Air Force Security Forces in 1982. While serving in Korea one of his pilot friends influenced him to join Electronic Intelligence (ELINT). He received his initial ELINT training at Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas and only then arrived at NSA Headquarters, Fort Meade in 1992.

During his twelve years of service, he was recognized for heroism and awarded the AF Commendation Medal as well as the Air Force Achievement Medal with two bunches of oak leaves. He also received the Outstanding Unit Award with three bunches of oak leaves and was honored for serving in the Persian Gulf War.

Above: Project Preserve Destiny Insider account of extraterrestrial contact and government cover-up by Dan Sherman

When Sherman arrived at the NSA he was informed by an Air Force captain that his mother was visited by aliens in the summer of 1960 and was the subject of genetic manipulation. The Captian explained to Sherman that he was in his mother’s womb when he was implanted to allow him to make contact with aliens through “intuitive communications”. He was relieved to learn that he was 100% human. He was also informed that the United States government had its first contact with the Star Visitor race, the Zetas, commonly referred to as “Greys” in 1947.,

After his regular training at the NSA he was assigned to his first station at an unknown location. It was probably the Army’s Electronic Processing and Dissemination System (EPDS) van. He was given two pills and instructions on how to move waves on electronic screens with his mind. Once he became competent, he was assigned to a new project that was part of the PPD.

After becoming proficient he was released and received new orders this time as part of the Preserve Fate Project, or PPD. He was tasked with starting to receive telepathic messages from aliens and inputting them into a computer terminal to transmit to NSA headquarters. Over a period of ten months, he received over 75 messages from a primary alien communicator, a man he nicknamed “Bones”. 

National Security Agency headquarters at Fort Meade 1950.

Prior to his communication with Bones, he contacted a gray alien whom he nicknamed “Spock”. But one day during the communication he hit upon a new “plan” that further ended his conversation with Spock. He tried for months to regain contact with Spock, but failed. He was then transferred to a new PPD base where he interacted with Bones.

Sherman described Bones as more communicative and approachable. He learned that the alien race had visited various cultures on Earth throughout human history and made contributions of scientific learning and technology to certain civilizations. He was also under the impression that aliens had genetically influenced human groups long before the modern era.

Bones told him that there are a large number of alien cultures throughout the universe and that Star Visitors recognize the existence of souls and a “God”. Bones also revealed that more than one country has conducted a similar communication project with the Greys.

Dan Sherman’s NSA certificate. From Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny, p. 69. (Dan Sherman)

Sherman explained: “During our communications I tried to bring up the subject of other nations and their involvement. I can’t remember the exact moment I came to that conclusion but my impression over time was that there were other nations involved as well. I’m not sure of the criteria for such involvement, but I think the nations involved are close allies of the United States. Australia, UK, Canada and perhaps Japan to a limited extent. I also believe this based on other information I know not directly related to PPD but crucial to the big picture nonetheless. ”

While asking Bones about PPD, the Gray abruptly stopped his communication and shortly thereafter the nature of the “communication” between the Air Force and the Grays changed. At some point he started receiving what he calls “abduction data” with dates and geographic information.

“From my experiences I would trust my alien contact more than the human commanders I was assigned. When I communicated with my stranger contacts I could not feel any dishonesty or distrust. I’m not afraid of them. But are there other species out there that we shouldn’t trust?

I do not know that. I don’t believe there are any terrestrial aliens present, no,” Sherman said.

Sherman’s claim of working on a black project hidden inside a lesser classified NSA project was corroborated by the leaked NSA document “Sentry Eagle” released by Edward Snowden in 2013. After officially retiring from the USAF and ending his undercover work with the NSA, Dan Sherman went public with his 1999 book in which he provided documentation of his training and work with the NSA as an electronic intelligence specialist. This is similar to the case of Sgt Clifford Stone who claimed to have received parallel training for UFO recovery operations while being trained for his normal military duties.




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