A giant triangular UFO flew over New York

El 16 de enero de 2021, un residente del Bronx (Nueva York) vio tres OVNIs sobre su barrio, viajando sincrónicamente en forma de un enorme triángulo. En el cielo nocturno, los puntos suavemente brillantes eran fácilmente visibles.

El hombre logró filmar un triángulo que flotaba lentamente en el cielo y lo subió a su canal de YouTube (ver más abajo).

The author of the video seems puzzled by what is happening; he looks up at the sky and says, “They pass by and they look like stars.” I’m not sure what this is, but it’s a triangle.”

This video generated a lot of discussion on social media, with people sharing their interpretations of what they saw. From the fact that the drones are designed to fly in a triangle shape to the fact that they are actually Chinese lanterns, there is a lot to like about them.

The lantern version was quickly criticized because the lights traveled so high that Chinese lanterns could not continue to burn as brightly.

The drone version also drew a lot of criticism, as launching many large drones over residential buildings in New York requires special approval, which is not easy to come by.

The most famous hypothesis was that it was a secret American reconnaissance plane TR-3B, which has been the subject of many rumors for quite some time.

It is said that it was based on an alien ship that crashed in Roswell. TR-3B is said to be able to travel silently and is nearly invisible to radar.



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