Possible alien lightships discovered on Mars

Here are some stunning images captured during Gemini’s flights.

The first photograph shows two unusual artifacts that appear to be UFOs.

Are these spaceships from another planet? Is it just a standard burn? (Occasionally, the film sticks to itself during the production process, causing the emulsion to “burn” where the two layers touch.)

Commander James McDivitt witnessed, filmed, and photographed a similar object approaching the Gemini IV capsule (June 3 – June 7, 1965) as it orbited the Earth, passing over Hawaii, in June 1965.

“It had a pretty definite shape: a cylindrical object that was white and had a long arm sticking out to the side,” he said.

Later, McDivitt asked to see what he had filmed when he returned to Earth and was shown a totally different film with only sun-kissed video. He said that this was not what he had seen or seen on video.

So either the objects are lopsided metallic alien ships surrounded by a blue ‘plasma shield’ of some kind, or… (more likely, almost certainly) the objects are as stated: the film was punctured by a hole.

What are your thoughts?

Video 1:

Vídeo 2:

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