Two huge “planets” were recorded in the sky over Dubai

Residents of Dubai saw an unusual sight in the sky late at night. Planet-sized objects hovered above the heads of witnesses.

Several eyewitness videos have been posted on the Internet, sparking a heated debate among ufologists and other researchers. According to renowned ufologist Scott Waring, for every UFO video, there are approximately 500 eyewitnesses who were unable to catch the anomaly for different reasons.

In this situation, two or more video recordings were made. Thousands of people could see strange objects as a result of this.

Internet users have proposed several variants. Some speculated that the “long-awaited” planet Nibiru, along with its satellite, was approaching Earth. Others claim that members of alien cultures eventually agreed to contact humanity, which is why they are attracting the attention of earthlings in such an unusual way.

Some researchers have proposed that it is a kind of “cosmic mirage” like one of the desert. The Earth’s atmosphere was distorted, creating a kind of lens that visually brought celestial bodies closer to us. The only thing left is to find out what these things are.

This phenomenon has elicited no answers from scientists so far.

Video 1:

Vídeo 2:

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