A really huge frieze was recently found in an ancient pyramid

As we all know, one of the most impressive ruins in the world is located in Guatemala. It is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the most interesting, with many of its secrets still unknown.

Tikai, Yaxha and Iximiche are just some of the names given to the ruins that are believed to have been part of the ancient cities.

This population seems to have reached 10 million people, and it was recently discovered that all these conglomerates of rain forest ruins could be part of the heritage of the same civilizations that existed there.

Scholars assume that while all of these people were part of the same culture, they were very different from one another based on the inscriptions discovered at Tikal.

Inscriptions indicate a possible cataclysm, and more recently, an inscription detailing the terms of the war between cities was discovered, leading to believe that this resulted in the extermination of these people, resulting in a war between them.

The giant 2 meter high and 8 meter deep frieze found in the rainforest was discovered in one of the oldest underground pyramids hidden in the middle of the forest. It was discovered on the walls of a Mayan-style building and represents human faces in the mythological sense of three characters who serve the Lord.

Although this frieze dates back a few years, the title seems clear enough. “Och Chan Yopaat”, the script seems to reflect the Storm God, and would have been translated as “the storm god is entering the sky”.

The discovery was made by Francisco Estrada-Belli, director of the campaign. He and his team found this frieze, saying it was a rare find and that it shows there was population competition with this once huge population around 600 AD.

The expectation is that by excavating the buried pyramid where the frieze was found, new information would be discovered.



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