Ancient structures like Machu Picchu are the work of extraterrestrial beings, ancient tech expert suggests

Brien Foerster, an expert on ancient technology and author of the book Lost Ancient Technology of Peru and Bolivia, has suggested that structures like Machu Picchu may have been designed by aliens from deep space.

The stones that were cut and shaped for the construction were much harder than bronze, according to Foerster, so the humans who lived in this region known as the Incas were unable to create such massive structures.

These comments were made by Foerster while he was speaking to the ‘Third Phase of Moon’ conspiracy theory YouTube channel.

“The Incas could not have built the megalithic structures because they were Bronze Age people, and the stone they cut and shaped was much harder than bronze. “Everything is very simple and the basic concept of cutting is simple; the tool you use has to be harder than the material you’re cutting,” Foerster said.

Foerster also said that such megalithic structures could only be built by advanced civilizations.

“I think the only options we presented were Atlanteans or aliens. “Either the Atlanteans were devastated by ancient catastrophic events, or aliens were present at the time and contracted these megalithic structures in Peru and Bolivia,” Brien Foerster proposed.


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