There was an unknown ancient civilization that predates all other known civilizations

Can we imagine a very old and advanced civilization that predates all the cultures we know? Something seems to have happened, and we should all rethink everything we thought we had learned about culture.

In reality, it’s all part of one of the world’s biggest conspiracies.

You have to look very closely to find out where these ideas come from, especially if they are recent. Sacrifices are required to gain the fullest possible understanding of the validity of PTTB.

To begin with, you will need to read a large number of books, especially those pertaining to mythologies, lost civilizations, secret societies, the Illuminati, and even history.

When you delve deeper into these “school subjects”, you will begin to understand what the word “mythology” means. They are objects of a different version than the one used in official archives and government history.

The truth is that these ancient peoples have begun to leave their mark on history, and it is in our best interest to start reading and studying the reality of the books for ourselves. Is there anything simpler than asking people to tell us how they feel after passing through their own thought filter?

The fact that most hypotheses are easily dismissed by the most powerful archaeologists instills mistrust in people and gives the impression that something truly important is being hidden from us.


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