Ancient tunnel that leads directly to the “underworld” was found under a pyramid

Many philosophies include features of the underworld. Regardless of what religion you follow or if you don’t follow any religion, you’ve certainly heard many different explanations before, to the point where it gets boring to say the least.

That is why archaeologists were able to deduce that the Teotihuacan pyramid tunnel in Mexico was built to replicate this theory.

The team of researchers used electrical scanning to see all the way into the caves, showing that a civilization may have existed there thousands of years ago.

The many carvings on the walls proved that the civilization here only worshiped deities associated with the dreaded Underworld.

The team had to crawl another ten meters, or thirty-three feet, underground to reach the tunnel. The Underworld, according to their holy scriptures, is where creation began, the birthplace of humans, animals, and everything in between.

The experts also found evidence that this region was predominantly used for rituals and ceremonies of the agricultural cycle. Around 125,000 people are said to have lived there, but all seemed to leave around 550 AD.



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