This Ancient Serapeum Sarcophagus Could Be An Anunnaki Tomb

There are 21 massive solid granite sarcophagi, cut out of solid rock, at the Serapeum in Saqqara, which is near Memphis. Each weighs on average more than 100 tons. The raw material was extracted from the Aswan quarries, half a mile away.

The English Christopher Dunn, Project Engineer and Laser Process Manager for a North American Aerospace Company where he is currently a Senior, has investigated the methods of drilling and stone treatment in Ancient Egypt in his book (The Giza Power Plant), and has proven Without a shadow of a doubt, the ancient Egyptians used modern machinery in the construction of the Giza pyramids.

And, based on scientific, archaeological and historical evidence, it seems that the second option is the best…

is absurd. But that is the conclusion the evidence leads us to, and in terms of the scientific method, however absurd fate may be, if the empirical evidence leads us there, we must go whether we like it or not, regardless of our ideology.



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