UFO Spotted Near Helicopter Over Bangkok: Aliens Are Watching Our Technology

Others also concluded that aliens have already arrived on our planet after a recent UFO sighting in Bangkok.

Scott C Waring, a self-proclaimed alien hunter based in Taiwan, recently posted an unusual UFO video. In a video taken on March 11 from Bangkok, Thailand, a black UFO can be seen passing by a helicopter. The UFO appeared to be black in color and was moving rapidly over the horizon.


Scott Waring claims that this world is home to aliens.

In a recent blog post, Waring hypothesized that such sightings suggest extraterrestrial activity on Earth. According to Waring, UFO encounters near human-built flying craft could mean aliens are keeping an eye on human development.

“The perfect view of a helicopter flying over the neighborhood was captured by this eyewitness. A tiny black UFO spots the helicopter and fires past it, curving sharply and then shooting back, before the helicopter pilots notice it. This is how alien drones are known to behave.”

“They have been programmed to find, research and store some knowledge about flight technologies. Flying technology appeals to aliens because it allows them to foresee when humans will be able to travel long distances in space,” noted Scott Waring in his blog.

A fast UFO was filmed during a test drive.

Just a few days ago, a disk-shaped UFO was sighted over the Santa Lucía airport in Mexico. In a video recently posted on the internet, a disc-shaped UFO can be seen hovering in the sky as an airplane takes off.

After the screening of the film, many netizens assumed that the aliens had already landed on the planet. According to these alien hunters, governments and NASA are fully aware of alien activity, but withhold information to avoid mass hysteria.

An American Airlines pilot reported a UFO sighting on his flight from Cincinnati to Phoenix earlier this month. Representatives from American Airlines confirmed the sighting and requested that the media contact the FBI for more details.

Check out the video below in slow motion to see the incredibly fast UFO.


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