UFO-like object recorded near the sun for months already

A strange anomaly has been reported near the Sun, and it has apparently become more and more frequent in recent months.

The anomaly may be due to camera errors, plasma ejections, or perhaps some kind of physical object. It is not hard to believe that since we have managed to record many of these objects in videos recorded by the monitors of the sun.

This anomaly, however, is strikingly similar to a spaceship. Besides, he’s been there for a few months. Scott Waring shared the anomaly on his official website. Waring noticed and followed up on this anomaly a few weeks ago. Based on its dark color, Waring suggests that the object must be much cooler than the surface of the Sun.

But who could have achieved this? Maybe some kind of alien technology? For alien species whose technology is millions of years ahead of ours, such materials would be immune to heat.

The object is about as big as our moon, so it turns out to be a ship, and then it’s very big. Watch the video below to learn more and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.


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